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Fall 2005 Vol. 49, Number 3

Groupmakers and grantmakers: Jobs in advocacy, grantmaking, and civic organizations

If you’ve ever played in a sports league, listened to a symphony, heard a political ad, or made a charitable contribution, you’ve encountered the efforts of workers in this industry.

Uniting people isn’t always easy. It takes work to form and support the groups that advocate for causes, pursue hobbies, gather money, or advance professions. And more than a million people make a career out of that work. 

Thousands of organizations exist primarily to serve groups and communities. “Nonprofits,” as these organizations are sometimes called, are not established with the goal of making money. But they do offer profitable careers. 

Keep reading to learn more about advocacy, grantmaking, and civic organizations and the occupations in them. You’ll discover current earnings, working conditions, and industry trends. You’ll also learn how to prepare for a career in one of these organizations and find out about the types of training unique to these and other nonprofit careers.

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Last Updated: December 7, 2005