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Summer 2004 Vol. 48, Number 2

How to get a job in the Federal Government

If you're looking for a job, remember the United States' largest employer. Each year, the Federal Government hires tens of thousands of new workers. Here's how to become one of them.

People get jobs in the Federal Government in the same way that they get most jobs in the private sector: by finding openings and submitting a resume or application. But searching for a Federal job can be more complicated than other job searches. That’s because of regulations designed to keep the hiring process fair. Job titles are standardized. Resumes are more detailed. And job qualifications are more specific.

Tailoring your search to the Federal Government’s rules will increase your chances of getting a job. Read on to discover the types of jobs available in the Federal civil service and the qualifications required. Then, learn how to find and apply for jobs. Information geared toward students and recent graduates is on page 16. Tips for career changers are on page 19. And page 25 summarizes the Federal job search as a 5-step process.

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Last Updated: October 15, 2004