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  • Summer 2008 — Employment prospects: Diploma beats dropout; Big work in a tiny world; Putting learning into context; Free info on Federal aid for college; Internships on the rise (Download the PDF 256K)
  • Spring 2008 — Math abroad; Data on women at work; Career academies: High school plus; Signing bonuses on the rise; Building a career in orthotics and prosthetics (Download the PDF 256K)
  • Winter 2007-08 — Learning how money matters; Aid for entrepreneurs; Strengthening healthcare’s frontline; Staying healthy on the job; Work the slopes (Download the PDF 254K)
  • Summer 2007 — High schoolers trend toward academic courses; Free science-promotion materials offered; Productivity in service industries: Doing more in less time; Scholarships for high achievers; O*Net’s T2: Technology at work (Download the PDF 361K)
  • Spring 2007 — Dietetic technicians: Aides for healthy eating; High school students’ work and time use; Beware the blog and other online content; Scholarships for student gardeners (Download the PDF 145K)
  • Winter 2006-07 — Train to teach—with any major; Manufacturing outlook: Many jobs; Info about college for students with disabilities; ERIC archives go digital (Download the PDF 145K)
  • Fall 2006 — Minimizing risk: Fire protection engineers; Blue hair, body piercings—do employers care?; Unusual scholarships for unusual scholars; Employment information from the States; Beyond content: Tailoring resumes to job type; Stay in school, stay out of poverty (Download the PDF 302K)
  • Summer 2006 — Career portfolios: Jobseekers show their competencies; Scholarships for student newshounds; Lifetime “career” changes; Data show geographic pay differences; Analyzing degree completion (Download the PDF 262K)
  • Spring 2006 — Temporary work: Short-term jobs with long-term potential; Opportunities for law librarians; Internships in aging: Prepare for a trend; TED in print (Download the PDF 153K)
  • Fall 2005 — Aid in choosing a college; Training grants from the U.S. Department of Labor; Electroneurodiagnostic technologists; Jobseeking via the Internet (Download the PDF 185K)
  • Summer 2005 — A look at June job openings; Surveys describe disastrous employment interviews; Art scholarships offered; O*Net 8.0 available (Download the PDF 131K)
  • Spring 2005 — Career voyaging for vocation exploration; Health and safety for teen workers; Ways to pay for a college education; Locksmithing: The key to your future?; National Longitudinal Survey of Youth: 25 years of data (Download the PDF 202K)
  • Winter 2004-05 — For new grads, more job offers—but fewer perks; DOORS opens doors for jobseekers; The eyes have it: Opportunities in ophthalmic assisting; Finding jobs for doing good (Download the PDF 155K)
  • Fall 2004 — Free materials shed light on job shadowing; Beware of scholarship scams; Get an internship, land a job; Seeking a college degree? Take high school math (Download the PDF 169K)
  • Summer 2004 — Data dishing on H.S. career counseling; Serve your country, help yourself; New Handbook’s greatest hits; The who, what, and how often of volunteering (Download the PDF 167K)
  • Spring 2004 — BLS earnings data: Now even easier to use; Hotel work: Room for many types; Peace Corps seeks associate-degree grads. (Download the PDF 157K)
  • Fall 2003 — Planning a business career; most 2002 grads went directly to college; joint effort serves youths with disabilities; research funding gets batty; making the tuition burden less taxing. (Download the PDF 173K)
  • Summer 2003 — Jobs in aging; health services hires the most new workers; librarian scholarships for minorities; and careers in aviation, ecology, and orthotics and prosthetics. (Download the PDF 521K)
  • Spring 2003 — Careers in sociology; preparing young women for computer science careers; scholarships available for study abroad; employee tenure: The long and short of it. (Download the PDF 54K)
  • Winter 2002-03 — Creating a future steeped in the past; employment and earnings: Longitudinal survey sheds light on baby boomers; paying for grad school; truckdrivers have the most lost-time injuries—again. (Download the PDF 78K)
  • Fall 2002 — Salaries dip for college grads—but not in all fields; federal Government scholarships; technology in special education; work at home. (Download the PDF 136K)
  • Summer 2002 — Nursing scholarships and information;
    employers’ participation in school-to-work; no more 9 to 5? Flexible hours for many; free career guidance from the military; eighth graders, 12 years later. (Download the PDF 187K)
  • Spring 2002 — New occupations in the Handbook; help for starting a mentoring program; resources for students with disabilities; earth work: Careers in the natural sciences, OOQ: Subscribe online. (Download the PDF 170K)
  • Fall 2001 — New offices at Department of Labor; career education for special populations; e-commerce: How will it affect employment?; paying for college: Just the facts. (Download the PDF 137K)
  • Summer 2001 — One-stop clicking for Career videos; how women dropouts boost their earnings; animal-related work injuries; camp jobs; phoning for career aid; money for travel mongers. (Download the PDF 157K)
  • Spring 2001 — Scholarships for weather students; workplace surveillance: e-eyes on employees; now serving: restaurant careers; healthy earnings for part-time medical workers; free source for voc-ed materials. (Download the PDF 135K)
  • Winter 2000-01 — Vocational education: who, what, and where; linking jobs to the classroom; report on teen workers. (Download the PDF 88K)
  • Fall 2000 — Scholarships for police officers; college choice and financing: COOL and EASI sites can help; from volunteer to career; higher salaries for recent grads; investigating medical lab careers.
    (Download the PDF 251K)
  • Summer 2000 — New occupations emerging; pueblo online; employers look for civility; scholarships for technical communication; preparing for takeoff.
    (Download the PDF 126K)
  • Spring 2000 — Learning about teaching; local earnings data available from BLS; stress illnesses keep workers home; educational reimbursement on the rise; want a college degree? Mind your high school coursework.
    (Download the PDF 129K)
  • Fall 1999 — Handbook's greatest hits; free information on biology careers; jobs with the highest earnings grew fastest; employers testing basic skills; school-to-work pays for students and employers; G.E.D. research summarized.
    (Download the PDF 155K)
  • Summer 1999 — Health care scholarships available; scholarships for minority grad students; train to be a trainer; avoiding small business scams; college is possible.
    (Download the PDF 58K)
  • Spring 1999 — Making the grade: Advice on studying for exams; making sense of study abroad; careers in geography.
    (Download the PDF 97K)


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Last Updated: July 11, 2008