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Visitor Center

Open:  Thursday - Monday

Hours:  10 AM - 4 PM
Admission is FREE

Located on VA 175 near Chincoteague Island, Virginia
Phone: (757) 824-2298 or 824-1344

Plan a visit to NASA as part of your next trip to the Eastern Shore. There's something here for everyone!

NEW Auditorium Renovations:
A new wide screen, remote projector and surround sound system will enhance your auditorium experience.  Choose from any of our four short movies available upon request.  Come check it out!

Upcoming Launch Activity At Wallops Flight Facility

*** Visit the Wallops Operations Scheduler website or call the WFF Public Affairs Office at (757) 824-1579 for the official schedule of Wallops operations.  Mission updates are available by telephone on the Wallops Information Line at (757) 824-2050.  Backup dates follow the initial launch window.

Rocket launches at WFF can be difficult to view due to the small size of some sounding rockets.  Travel plans should not be based strictly on launch schedules.  Times and dates can change due to weather and other factors.  Rocket launches can be viewed from WFF Visitor Center grounds during operation hours or from south-facing areas on Chincoteague and Assateague islands in Virginia.

+ Rocket launches can also be seen on the web: NASA WFF webcast


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