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Public and Business Affairs provides communications support to help NIST share its research results, services, and programs with U.S. industry, universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and the public; to assist policymakers in learning about NIST's role and activities; and to advise and assist NIST managers on public affairs and policy strategies.

Gail Porter, Director, Public and Business Affairs Office

 Media Relations, News  Tours 
 Public Inquiries  Audiovisual Production/Exhibits
 Conference Program  General Publications & WWW
 Educational Activities  Community Relations

Media Relations, News

Provides assistance to reporters and other news media representatives seeking information about NIST programs.

Current and archived news releases, newsletters, fact sheets, budget updates, other news items, and online subscriptions are available.

NIST Contacts for the News Media

NIST TechBeat, NIST's lay language newsletter for journalists and others interested in NIST news, issued biweekly
Contact: Michael Baum, editor, NIST TechBeat, (301) 975-2763

Public Inquiries

The central contact for public inquiries about NIST activities and ordering information for NIST publications.

Sharon Seide
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1070
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1070

Phone: (301) 975-NIST, Fax: (301) 926-1630

Conference Program

Assists in all aspects of planning and managing meetings and conferences at NIST: budgeting, registration, food, lodging, transportation, publicity, and accounting

Contact: Kathy Kilmer, (301) 975-2858 (Gaithersburg)
Wendy McBride, (303) 497-3693 (Boulder)

Educational Activities

Provides a single contact for initial information on various NIST educational activities, including school tours.

Contact: Barb Cuddington, (301) 975-3999

Audiovisual Production & Exhibits

Consults and assists in producing NIST audiovisual materials (film, video, and their use in data gathering). Coordinates display of general NIST exhibits at trade shows and conferences.

Contact: Ron Meininger, (301) 975-2761


NIST offers tours for industry groups, the scientific and technical community, college students, and students in grades 9 through 12.

General Publications & World Wide Web

Consults and assists in writing and producing brochures and flyers to describe NIST programs and activities for general audiences. Also manages central NIST World Wide Web pages.

Contact: Jennie Covahey, (301) 975-4158, General Inquiries & NIST WWW homepage

Community Relations

Liaison with state, local, and community organizations

Contact: Gail Porter , (301) 975-3392

Contact Information

NIST Public and Business Affairs (Gaithersburg)
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1070, Gaithersburg, Md. 20899-1070
Telephone: 301-975-2758 Facsimile: 301-926-1630
TTY: (301) 975-8295 Email:


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