Working Group V-MOD: Geomagnetic Field Modelling
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A Short History of Division V - Working Group V-MOD

The Working Group started in Division I as WG I-1: Analysis of the main field and secular variations. At the 1989 IAGA Scientific Assembly in Exeter, U.K., the Working Group was moved to Division V and became WG V-8 but kept the same name. At the 1993 IAGA Scientific Assembly in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Working Group V-4: Magnetic Surveys and Charts was disbanded and its functions and members were absorbed into WG V-8. The name of WG V-8 was changed to Analysis of the global and regional field and its secular variation in order to reflect the expanded role of the Working Group. At the IUGG General Assembly in Sapporo, Japan in 2003 the Working Groups of IAGA Division V were reorganised and WG V-8 became V-MOD "Geomagnetic Field Modelling".

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