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National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Poster for National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

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March 20
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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American Indians/Alaska Natives and HIV/AIDS
(HHS National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign, August 2007)

HIV is affecting thousands of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). AI/AN have the third highest rate of AIDS diagnosis in the United States, despite having the smallest population. AI/AN people with AIDS are likely to be younger tan non-AI/AN people with AIDS. AI/ANs also have the shortest time between AIDS diagnosis and death.

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HIV/AIDS among American Indians and Alaska Natives, June 2007

HIV/AIDS is a growing problem among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Even though the numbers of HIV and AIDS diagnoses for American Indians and Alaska Natives represent less than 1% of the total number of HIV/AIDS cases reported to CDC's HIV/AIDS Reporting System, when population size is taken into account, American Indians and Alaska Natives in 2005 ranked 3rd in rates of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, after black (including African Americans) and Hispanics.

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