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The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)

National Vaccine Advisory Committee
Sep 16-17, 2008
Hubert H. Humphrey Building - Room 800
200 Independence Ave, SW - Washington DC

Federal Register Notice, August 27, 2008 [PDF]




Tuesday, September 16

9:00 am

Opening Session
   Report of the Chair
   Continued Discussion of NVAC Role
   Transition Plan

Dr. Gus Birkhead, Chair

9:45 am

Welcome - Assistant Secretary for Health

ADM Joxel Garcia

10:00 am

Implementation Plan - Adolescent Working Group Recommendations

Dr. Lance Gordon (NVAC)
Ms. Shannon Stokley (CDC)

10:30 am

- Break -


10:45 am

Vaccine Financing Working Group -
Potential VOTE on Draft Recommendations

Dr. Gus Birkhead (NVAC, Chair)
Dr. Walter Orenstein (NVPO Consultant)

12:00 pm

Adolescent Working Group - Vaccine Finance Recommendation — Potential VOTE

Dr Lance Gordon (NVAC)

12:30 pm

- Lunch -


1:30 pm

Vaccine Hesitancy
   NIS Data and Attitudinal Model
   Parental and Provider Views on Immunizations
   Organizational Perspective

   Discussion and public comment

Dr. Dan Salmon (NVPO)
Dr. Phil Smith (CDC)
Dr. Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Ms. Christy Phillips (PIDS)

2:45 pm

Vaccine Safety
   Federal Immunization Safety Task Force
   Vaccine Safety Working Group Update
   Public Engagement

Dr. Bruce Gellin (NVPO)
Dr. Andy Pavia (NVAC)
Keystone Center

3:45 pm

- Break -


4:00 pm

Report from the Adult Immunization Working Group

Dr. Rich Clover (NVAC)

4:15 pm

AMA�s Adult Vaccine Financing Report

Dr. L.J. Tan (AMA)

4:30 pm

Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

   VOTE on Recommendations

Dr. Alan Hinman (CDC Task Force)

5:00 pm

National Vaccine Plan and Collaboration with the Institute of Medicine

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO)

5:30 pm

Public Comment


5:45 pm

Closing Remarks and Adjourn





Wednesday, September 17 - NOTE: Room 705A (room change)

8:30 am

   Public Health Agency of Canada


Dr. Bruce Gellin
RADM Anne Schuchat
Dr. Dale Morse
Dr. Geoff Evans
Ms. Tamara Tempfer
Dr. Norman Baylor
Dr. John Modin
Dr. George Curlin
Dr. Jeffrey Kelman
COL Renata Engler
Mr. Neal Brandes
Dr. Wayne Rawlins
Dr. Lisa Belzak

9:30 am

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Task Force
   Potential Vaccine Candidates

Dr. Donald Wright (HHS)
Dr. Barbara Mulach (NIH)

10:15 am

- Break -

Dr. Alan Hinman (CDC)

10:30 am

Vaccine Supply
   Vaccine Stockpiles — Computer Model
   Rabies Vaccine Supply


Dr. Lance Rodewald (CDC)
Dr. Gregory Wallace (CDC)
Dr. Chuck Rupprecht (CDC)

12:00 pm

- Break -

Dr. Alan Hinman (CDC)

12:30 pm


   2008-2009 Season
   Influenza Vaccine Promotion Campaigns
   New and Improved Influenza Vaccine
   Maternal Influenza Immunization
      Protecting Mothers and Infants


Dr. Jeanne Santoli (CDC)
Dr. Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Dr. Bruce Gellin (NVPO)
Dr. Mark Steinhoff (JHSPH)

2:00 pm

Public Comment


2:15 pm

- Adjourn -


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