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DCM Associates

WETP Cooperative Agreement Awardee:

Project Title

Online E-Learning Courses for Hazardous Material Workers

Principal Investigator/Institution

Deborah Marmarelli

Tel (989) 773-4959


DCM Associates
212 Cedar Drive
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858

Program Description

Corporations are hard pressed to meet their hazardous material training responsibilities. This project addresses that critical need while meeting a goal of Healthy People 2010 ( Exit NIEHS Website-to provide high quality training that helps workers protect themselves and the environment. A curriculum of transportation-mode specific courses is proposed. Each course is viable as a standalone for familiarization or training, or incorporated into a classroom curriculum. Industry experts will distill regulations to create focused training with sophisticated interactivity. Updates will disseminate immediately via the Internet.

Scientific control testing will address concerns about applicability of e-Learning and its ability. Phase 1 will propose a curriculum and create/evaluate one course. Phase II will develop the remaining 5-10 courses. Specific Aims for Phase 1 are to, 1) apply the technology of e- Learning to hazardous material training, 2) scientifically evaluate a course compared to classroom training, and 3) demonstrate that e-Learning compares favorably. Regarding potential commercial application, corporations will welcome a curriculum that delivers up-to-date hazard training, automates their reporting, saves time and is convenient for the worker. Workers and community benefit from quality training. The proposed courses are aligned with government initiatives and could reach 10 million more Americans per year, saving $30 billion.

DCM Associates (DCMA) is a start-up with a proven team that brings together 75 years of e-Learning, HazMat, and IT experience with Dow, Dow Corning, and IBM. The principals created Dow Chemical's Dangerous Goods Handling course which has been translated into six languages. All have extensive experience working globally. Dow continues to be DCMA's primary consulting client. Founded in 2002, the company is situated in mid-Michigan. DCMA is also supported by the Michigan Technology Tri-Corridor matching grant program.

Project Duration

  • September 1, 2006 - August 31, 2007

Grant Number

  • R43ES013091 Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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