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aquarius : live webcams

Note: Live cams are only available during missions.

Mainlock Webcam — Select Broadband or Dial–up

Take a look into the Aquarius laboratory’s main lock. If the laboratory appears empty it’s because the scientists are out diving. Or, if the laboratory is dark it’s probably late and the science team is asleep. We don’t always keep the lights on.

Watch the Mainlock Feed

Gazebo Webcam — Select Broadband or Dial–up

Check out the wetporch gazebo, a white structure located on the port side of Aquarius. The gazebo is used in the event of an emergency evacuation, or simply to allow divers to communicate without having to enter the wetporch.

Watch the Gazebo Feed

Aquarius Exterior Webcam — Select Broadband or Dial–up

Aquarius Exterior
This camera is located just outside Aquarius at a depth of 55 feet. You’ll almost always see a lot of tropical fish and if you’re lucky an aquanaut might swim into view. The scene will be dark at night or when thunderstorms are overhead.

Watch the Exterior Feed

Aquarius is located at Conch Reef, 4 miles offshore in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The underwater laboratory rests in a sand plain adjacent to deep coral reefs and is currently home to a team of six people. The Aquarius 2000 program, representing the only underwater laboratory operating in our oceans, has taken underwater operations and science to a new level.

Transmission of images, video and data from Aquarius is made possible by a robust wireless network and TerraNovaNet. Here, we offer two webcam options: for broadband users, live, streaming video can be seen by clicking the "Broadband" link; and for dial-up users, an automatically refreshing image stream.

The Aquarius web cameras broadcast live only during missions. We premiered the image stream in July 2000, hosting the mainlock webcam live for the entire ten day mission, and later we added our aqua webcam that allowed views of Aquarius, aquanauts, and fish. The newest addition, live video streaming, is high quality MPEG-4 format video provided by VBrick Systems.

**Webcam images hosted by UNCW**