A bouillabaisse of
facinating facts about fish
(and other marine life)

Miscellaneous Fish

Q: What species do you study at the NEFSC?
How long have you been studying fish?
Is life found at all depths in the ocean?
Q: How many fish species are there?
Q: Which is the oldest fish, as a class?
Q: What is the world's largest fish? The smallest?
Q: What is the most common fish in the sea?
Q: Do fish sleep?

Q: What is an anadromous fish? A catadromous fish?
Q: Why do scientists classify fish?
Q: How is the age of a fish determined?
Q: How long do fish live?
Q: Do some fish give birth to living young?

Q: Do fish breathe air?
Q: How do fish swim? How fast?
Q: Can fish swim backwards?

Q: Do all fish swim in the horizontal position?
Q: Do fish chew their food?
Q: Can fish distinguish color?
Q: Are all fish edible?
Q: How can poisonous fish be distinguished from edible ones?
Q: Are there any poisonous snails?
Q: Are any snails commercially caught for food off the coasts of the United States?


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fishing troller
animated bubbles


Photo from NOAA Ship Delaware archives
ewwww what is it????
(See the bottom of this page for the answer)

fish Q: Why do food fish sometimes have a strong odor?
Q: Is there much salt in fish?
Q: What is the blood-like material found along the backbone in the body cavity of most fishes?
Q: What is the true description of a sardine?
Q: How many kinds of tuna are there,
    which kind makes up the biggest catch?

Q: Do tunas have scales?
Q: Are saltwater catfish good to eat?
Q: What is the fish listed as "scrod" in New England restaurants?
Q: What are menhaden?
Q: Where are Atlantic menhaden spawned,
    where do they go after hatching?
Q: What do herring eat?

Q: Are the eyes of flatfishes on the right or left side?
Q: Has any kind of marine or ocean dwelling fish been successfully transplanted from coast to coast in the United States?
Q: How large do ocean sunfish get?
Q: How do porcupine fish inflate themselves?
Q: What is an "exotic" fish?
Q: What fishes are named after other animals?
Q: What kind of fish is a "Bombay Duck"?
Q: How much electricity does an electric eel generate?

Q: What are moray eels and where are they found?

Q: What is pearl essence?
Q: What is the sand collar that one often sees on beaches at low tide?
Q: What is chitin?
Q: What are some confusing fish names?
Q: Why is fishing sometimes called angling?

Q: What is the biggest bivalve mollusk, cephalopod mollusk, and crustacean known to man?

Q: Will fish I catch and release die anyway?
Q: What are factory ships?
Q: Where can I find out about maintaining aquariums?
Q: What is the largest Largest sturgeon on record?

Q:Where can I learn more about endangered species?
Q:What exactly is Persistent Marine Debris, and why is it important?
Q:Are there any good field guides to marine mammals available?

Salmon FAQs

salmon Q: How many species of Pacific salmon are there?
Q: Is it true that salmon return to spawn in freshwater areas where they were born?
Q: what is the difference between the Atlantic salmon and the Pacific salmon?
Q: Are steelhead (rainbow trout) trout or salmon? Q: Where do salmon go in the ocean?

Q: What is a kokanee, or silver trout?
Q: Do landlocked Pacific salmon die after spawning?
Q: How large do salmon get?
Q: What is the oldest known age of salmon and steelhead (in completed years)?

Q: Is a steelhead a salmon or a trout?
Q: How old are salmon when they migrate from fresh water to the ocean?
Q: How many eggs do salmon have?
Q: What are salmon fed in a hatchery?
Q: How many of the young salmon released from hatcheries come back as adults?
Q: Why are fishladders constructed
Lobster FAQs

lobster artwork by edgar k
Artwork by Edgar K.
Q: How many kinds of lobsters are there in this country,
     why are different varieties called lobster?
Q: Does the deepwater northern lobster population differ from that found just off the coast?
Q: How far do lobsters travel?
Q: What color is a lobster's blood?
Q: What is "tomalley"?
Q: What is the coral colored material often seen in a cooked lobster?
Q: How does a lobster grow?

Q: How many times must a lobster molt before it reaches market size?

Q: How old is a one-pound lobster?
Q: How many one-pound lobsters are needed for a pound of lobster meat?
Q: How long can a lobster live out of water?
Q: Can a lobster be kept alive in fresh water with ice?
Q: Why does a lobster turn red when cooked?

Q: How can one tell if a boiled lobster was alive when cooked?
Q: Have people been poisoned by eatlng lobsters that were allowed to die before being cooked?
    Is it true that a dead lobster deteriorates very rapidly?
    What happens when a live lobster is frozen?

Q: Is it possible to raise lobsters on a commercial basis?

Q: What are some other names for lobsters?
Q: Where are lobsters caught?
Q: What do lobsters eat?
Q: How is the health of the lobster resource?
Q: Where do lobsters live?
Q: When do lobsters mate?

Q: Are lobsters different colors?

Q: Can lobsters grow new legs?
Q: Do lobsters have teeth?
Q: Can lobsters smell their food?
Q: Do lobsters lay eggs?
Q: Do many young lobsters survive to old age?
Q: What is the largest lobster ever caught?

Q: If a lobster gets in the trap first does it chase crabs out?
Q: Have Maine lobsters been successfully transplanted to the west coast?
Q: I've heard that lobsters molt, but I've never seen a cast-off shell. Why?

Crab FAQs

crab crab crab crab crab
Q: Can crabs swim?
Q: How do crabs grow?
Q: How much does a blue crab increase in size on molting?
Q: What is the difference between soft and hard shell crabs?
Q: How old does a blue crab get?
Q: What is a "coconut crab"? Where do they live?
Q: Is a stone crab harmed when its large claw is broken off?
Q: What are the small crabs found inside oysters?
    Are they harmful to oysters?
     May humans eat them?

Shark FAQs

great white shark image
1,700 lb. Great White Shark - Woods Hole, MA - 2004

Q: Can shark meat be used as food for humans?
    Is it true that the meat of the hammerhead shark is poisonous?
Q: Is the blue shark really blue?
Q: What attracts sharks? Which are most dangeous?
Q: What sea creatures other than sharks may be dangerous to swimmers?
Q: Do sharks have bones?
Q: Do sharks have good eyesight?
Q: Are sharks always hungry?
Q: Are sharks considered to be a fish?
Q: Do sharks only eat meat?
Q: How many senses do sharks have?
A: Visit our Apex Predators page for more shark information...
Q: If sharks have cartilage instead of bones how can they fossilize?

Shrimp FAQs

shrimp shrimp shrimp
Q: How do prawns, crayfish, and shrimp differ?
Q: Is there more than one kind of shrimp?
Q: How big do shrimp grow?
Q: How long do shrimp live?
Q: How many eggs does a shrimp produce in one spawning?
Q: How much shrimp is produced in the United States,
    where is the largest catch taken?
Q: What are the commercially important shrimp on the east coast of the United States,
    what are their ranges?

Shellfish FAQs

scallop scallop scallop scallop scallop
Q: What do oysters and clams eat?
Q: Clams seem to squirt water through their siphons. What purpose does the siphon serve?
Q: What causes a reddish color in the liquor of shucked oysters and clams?

Q: How does the consumer know that shellfish are safe to eat?
Q: How does a clam shell grow?
Q: How do clams establish themselves on the sea bottom?
Q: How do clams reproduce?
Q: Which of the clam species is of greatest commerical importance to the United States,
    where is it fished,
    what quantites are landed?

Q: How are soft-shell clams harvested?

Q: How are scallops caught?
Q: What is the biggest clam caught and eaten in the United States?
Q: What are oyster borers?
Q: How do oysters produce pearls?
Q: What is oyster spat?

Q: Is it safe to eat oysters during the months without R's?

Q: How does a scallop move?
Q: What purpose do the holes along the edge of an abalone shell serve?
Q: How unsafe are shellfish from polluted waters?
Q: Will cooking make sewage-polluted shellfish safe to eat?
Q: Is it possible to purify shellfish from sewage polluted water for safe eating?
Q: Do shellfish contain mercury levels dangerous to man's health?

Cetacean FAQs

right whale Q: What is a cetacean?
Q: How many species of cetaceans in U.S. waters are protected?
Q: How big is a Blue Whale?
Q: What does a Bowhead Whale eat?
Q: What is the 2nd largest whale?
Q: Which whale would I most likely see whale watching?
Q: What makes the right whale right?
Q: Do any whales have teeth?

Q: What do whales eat?
Q:How many young does a whale give birth to at one time?
Q:What are the main threats to whales these days?
Q:Where do harbor porpoise live?

Pinniped FAQs


Q:What are Pinnipeds?
Q:How many Pinnipeds are on the Endangered Species List?
Q:Are Hawaiian monk seals coming back?
Q:How many Caribbean monk seals are left?
Q:How are Steller Sea Lions doing?

Answer: If you guessed that "ewwww what is it" photo is a
Monkfish (or Goosefish) (mouth and eyes) you are right!

See the whole picture here

OK, now guess what this is!

Turtle FAQs

Q: What is is the rarest of all sea turtles?
Q: Do turtles get stranded like whales?
Q:How long can sea turtles stay underwater?
Q:Where do sea turtles breed?
Q:Are sea turtles endangered?
Q:Where does the green sea turtle live?
Q:What is the major cause of the continued decline of of the hawksbill sea turtle?
What is the largest sea turtle?
Q:What is a Turtle Excluder Device (TED)?


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