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Leader's Guide and Modules

Help the middle- and high-school youth you care about with today’s three Rs—reading, writing, and real life.

Today’s young people are bombarded with persuasive messages about tobacco and alcohol—messages that make smoking look normal and drinking look cool. So learning to understand and analyze these messages from every kind of media outlet is more important than ever.

MediaSharp is an important tool to help middle- and high-school youth evaluate those messages and make healthy, life-saving choices.

Produced in 1998, CDC’s MediaSharp kit includes an entertaining 7-minute video and an easy-to-follow teacher’s guide loaded with activities, handouts, and discussion topics.

The kit offers an ideal project for a classroom, youth group, after-school program, scout troop, faith community group—anywhere youth gather to learn. Educators and youth leaders across the country use it and rave about its appeal to young people.

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