Welcome to AGD Saturday, September 20, 2008
Tell Us about You

Take the last survey in the three-part 2008 AGD Market Research series. The survey will help AGD better represent the general dentist to the public and offer you relevant tools for your patients. Take between 10 and 15 minutes to tell us about you and your patients so that we can better serve your needs and theirs.


Get Ready for Retirement

AGD members still have time to register for "Mastering Your Financial Future" sessions. The Hufford Financial Advisors’ program helps dentists learn financial strategies for a successful retirement. Coming soon to Indiana!


Supermarket Check-ups for British

Clinics offering shoppers dental services are being introduced within grocery stores in England. A Sainsbury's store near the northern English city of Manchester will be the first grocery store to add dental check-ups to its patrons’ shopping lists. Find out more about this English trend.


It’s Easy Being Green

In today’s throwaway society of convenience, being “green,” or environmentally conscious, is not the easiest task. Many dentists are hesitant to go green because they feel it will be a costly burden; however, the long-term cost savings and benefit to the environment outweigh the up-front cost. Read more about green dentistry in the September issue of AGD Impact.


AGD Reaches Nearly 220 Million Consumers

Nearly 220 million consumers have read about the AGD in top media outlets such as Yahoo! News, U.S. News & World Report, and Parenting Magazine since January 2008. Spokespersons such as Drs. Vincent Mayher, Anne Murray, Cynthia Sherwood, and Raymond Martin shared AGD news, oral health information, and advice in order to build awareness and recognition throughout North America for the AGD, its members, and the dental profession. Review the Report of Excellence  , and complete media coverage for more detailed information.


Study for FAGD Exam Online

Access the most up-to-date information with the new, online Fellowship Exam Study Guide. Developed from the content outline of the Fellowship Exam and featuring 45 new questions and critiques, you can study, take the practice exam, and see immediate results! Find out more, or place your order!

Health Technology Bills Introduced
Health information technology (IT) bills providing incentives and other funding programs to help small practices comply with IT requirements will likely increase following a bill that is almost certain to pass in Congress early next year. Read about an IT bill, and what it means for dentists.

Medical Simulation Bill Introduced
Dentists may benefit if a medical simulation enhancement bill (HR 4321), introduced by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA-4), passes Congress. Find out more about this bill and others like it.
General Dentists’ Eyes, Ears and Voices

Dentists in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Oregon are being affected by legislative and regulatory activity in those states.

Constituent Leader Tip: Promote Events!

Keep your members informed about local programs and events and upcoming board and membership meetings through your AGD constituent calendar.


Membership Maintenance Update for Constituents

Your online monthly reports will change based on the recent modification to the existing membership maintenance policies for the organization, approved by the 2008 AGD House of Delegates. Learn how this change will impact your reports. 


Submit Your Exam Review Info

To help members find local Fellowship Exam Review courses, AGD headquarters is constructing a database featuring all courses being offered by constituents and their dates. If your constituent is conducting a Fellowship Exam review course or know of a review course being offered, please submit all applicable information (date, time, fee–if applicable, who is conducting the course, point of contact) to constituentservices@agd.org or fax to 312.335.3430.

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