Be visible.
Be valued.

Join ASHP's "Just Ask!"
Campaign to raise the
visibility of your
pharmacy department
among patients, visitors,
and colleagues.

ASHP Apologizes for
Service Disruptions

ASHP staff is working quickly to
bring systems back on-line and
restore functionality due to a
system-wide upgrade that
resulted in unexpected problems
and errors in applications.

Nominations for ASHP Fellows

The ASHP Fellows Program is intended
to highlight excellence in pharmacy
practice of pharmacists who have
distinguished themselves in practice.

ASHP Board Election Results

Lynnae M. Mahaney, MBA, FASHP,
will help guide ASHP's activities on
behalf of the profession as the
Society's new president elect.

Sections and Forums

Sections and Forums offer the best way to interact with colleagues who share the same interests, issues and challenges.



Resource Centers

ASHP provides a variety of practice and public health resource centers designed to meet member needs.

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