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Insurance Services Programs

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

Get a Plan Brochure

State Pages —

Our state pages list all plans available in a particular state or territory and provide links to the brochures as well as other information on the plans.:

To State Pages

ZIP or Carrier Code Search —

You can also get a plan brochure by searching by ZIP Code, plan name, or enrollment code:

  1. Go to the Plan Search Page.
  2. Search for a plan by ZIP Code, plan name, or two digit enrollment code.
  3. Click on the plan name in the second column of the table that is returned to you.
  4. Click on an Employee Type and then on Next. Note
  5. Click on a Pay Frequency and then on Next. Note
  6. The links to the plan brochures are in the line above Quality on the next chart.

To Plan Search Page

To Get Paper Copies of the Brochures


DURING OPEN SEASON, if you are an annuitant or are covered under an annuitant's health plan, you may order paper copies of the brochures by using Open Season Express. Call 1-800-332-9798 between the hours of 4 a.m. and midnight Central Standard Time. You will need:

  • Your CSA or CSF annuity claim number. (You will enter the first 7 numbers.)
  • Your social security number. (You will enter the last 4 numbers.)
  • The first two characters of the enrollment code(s) for the plan brochure(s) you want to receive. These numbers are in the open season guides, and in the information returned when you do a plan search on this web site.

Outside of open season, annuitants should follow the instructions for "All Others" below.

All Others:

You may get paper copies of the brochures by:

  • Requesting a copy from your human resources office, or
  • Contacting the plan directly at the contact number shown in the open season guide and on this web site.