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Insurance Services Programs

Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program

Continuation of Life Insurance Coverage
as a Retiree or Compensationer

SF 2818
May 2001


Federal employees who are retiring or receiving compensation payments use this form to indicate their choices for continuing their life insurance coverage.

Electronic Copies:

To use Adobe Acrobat forms you need the commercial Acrobat software or the free downloadable Acrobat Reader. You can fill in this form on your computer screen before you print it.

Notice: The Monthly Cost in Retirement chart on page 4 of the SF 2818 instructions is not current. Please see the current monthly annuitant premiums on our website

Paper Copies:


Request a paper copy of this form from your servicing Human Resources Office.
Use your internal agency procedures for ordering Standard Forms.

Paper copies of this form are NOT available from OPM.