Inky the Whale

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This is the story of Inky, a female pygmy sperm whale who was found stranded on a New Jersey coast on Thanksgiving Day in 1993. She was rescued with the help of volunteers from the Marine Mammal Stranding Network and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. Scientists at the National Aquarium in Baltimore discovered her stomach was full of plastic debris, which was preventing her from getting the nutrition she needed. The story of Inky is important, because it shows how our trash impacts the environment, sometimes far away from where we might think. Although this story has a happy ending, many mammals, sea turtles, fish and birds die every year from eating or becoming entangled in marine debris. The purpose of this activity book is to teach children about the problem of trash and marine debris through the true story of Inky. To strengthen the message of Inky's story, teach your children about conservation methods and demonstrate to them how to reuse and recycle products and how to reduce the amount of trash that is produced at home and in the community. Another good way of helping is to participate in a beach or shoreline cleanup as a family, group or class.
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The True Story of Inky the Whale

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