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Youth Education

Fun and Games

Icon of the Design Your Own Bill game - click to play.

Design Your Own Bill - An interactive game that allows visitors to design a personal bill and forward it to friends.

Icon showing the Treasury Trivia Hunt game.  Click to play.

Treasury Trivia Time - A fast-paced question and answer game that quizzes players about the new money.

Icon showing the Catch a Counterfeit game - click to play.

Catch a Counterfeit - A fun exercise that will allow players to familiarize themselves with the new security features.

Icon which says Money Match - click to play the money match game.

Money Match (pdf - will open in a separate window) - A card game that challenges you to find a matching pair of cards that have the same drawings or pictures of currency design features.

Icon showing the Interactive Money CD-ROM - click for page where you can download the CD-ROM.

Interactive Money CD-ROM - Educational activities related to the history, security features and production of the redesigned currency. Join Agents Cash and Banks on a fun and exciting tour through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Uncle Buck Icon. Click to download Makin Money with Cowboy Buck in PDF Format.

Makin' Money with Cowboy Buck (pdf - opens in new window) - In this activity book you'll find puzzles, mazes and other challenging adventures presented by the BEP's Western Currency Facility.

Picture of the earth encircled by dollar notes.  Click to go to the Fun Facts and Trivia page.

Fun Facts & Trivia - Expand your knowledge of United States currency with our fun facts and trivia.

Picture of a lightbulb with a smiley-face on it.  Click to send a suggestion for additional fun and games.

Click to send a suggestion for additional fun and games.

If you have suggestions for additional content, please let us know

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