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Oak Ridge Reservation: East Fork Poplar Creek
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East Fork Poplar Creek flows through the Oak Ridge Reservation and the city of Oak Ridge. ATSDR has conducted two health consultations looking at public health issues of concern to the community bordering the creek and has convened an expert panel to examine issues relating to the bioavailability of mercury. In addition, ATSDR staff members have participated in DOE's East Fork Poplar Creek Citizens Working Group meetings, attended DOE's Record of Decision workshop for East Creek Poplar Creek in 1995, and reviewed and provided comments on DOE's draft Record of Decision. Following are summaries of ATSDR's primary activities involving East Fork Poplar Creek.

  • Proposed Mercury Clean-Up Levels Health Consultation, January 1996
    ATSDR conducted a health consultation to respond to concerns by community members and the city of Oak Ridge about the safety of the DOE's proposed clean-up levels. The January 1996 health consultation concluded that the clean-up level of 400 mg/kg mercury for the East Fork Poplar Creek flood plain soil were protective of human health and posed no threat to adults or children.
  • Bioavailability of Mercury in Soil, ATSDR Science Panel Meeting, August 1995
    To evaluate the mercury clean-up levels for East Fork Poplar Creek flood plain soil, ATSDR convened a science panel of internationally known experts on metal bioavailability and experts from ATSDR, CDC, EPA, and the National Institute for Environmental Health Science.

    ATSDR used the findings of the science panel in evaluating the mercury clean-up levels for East Fork Poplar Creek.
  • Y-12 Weapons Plant Chemical Releases Into East Fork Poplar Creek Health Consultation, April 1993
    This health consultation found that certain locations along the East Fork Poplar Creek floodplain were contaminated with levels of mercury of public health concern and that fish from the creek contained levels of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls that would cause a moderately increased health risk to persons consuming fish frequently over long periods of time. However, the creek has not been normally used as a source of fish.
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