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Oak Ridge Reservation: Workshops on Epidemiology
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Workshops on Epidemiology

At the request of ORRHES members, ATSDR staff members held workshops on epidemiology for the subcommittee.

The first epidemiology workshop was presented at the June 2001 ORRHES meeting. Ms. Sherri Berger and Dr. Lucy Peipins of ATSDR's Division of Health Studies provided an overview of the science of epidemiology. Information from the presentation is available in the June 2001 Minutes and Handout (PPT) links.

The second epidemiology workshop (Workshop II) was designed to help subcommittee members develop the skills needed to review and evaluate scientific reports. Dr. Lucy Peipins presented the workshop at the December 2001 ORRHES meeting. She also presented the findings of the Public Health Assessment Work Group's critique of a cancer mortality study. Information on the presentations is in the December 2001 Minutes and Handout (PPT) links.

At the August 28, 2001, meeting of the Public Health Assessment Work Group, Dr. Peipins guided the work group and community members through a systematic scientific approach as they critiqued a report by J. Mangano, "Cancer Mortality Near Oak Ridge, Tennessee." More information about the meeting is available in the August 2001 Minutes.

During the December 2001 ORRHES meeting, the subcommittee presented ATSDR with a recommendation on the Mangano study.

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