Discover Brookhaven is published by the Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs Directorate of Brookhaven National Laboratory

Editor: Kay Cordtz

Writers: Laura Mgrdichian, Karen McNulty Walsh, Pete Genzer

Roger Stoutenburgh

Web Adaptation:
Gary Schroeder

Discover Brookhaven is an on-line magazine dedicated to exploring and explaining the scientific research and discoveries made at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. In this issue:

Biofuel Research at Brookhaven
Brookhaven’s biofuel projects — like one under way at Teddy Roosevelt’s former home at Sagamore Hill — demonstrate the role these fuels can play in our future energy portfolio.


Nitric Oxide Chemistry Contributes To Cystic Fibrosis Research
Scientists believe that a common chemical used to cure meat may hold the key to promising new therapies for a genetic disorder deadly to children and young adults.


Structure of a Molecular-Scale Circuit Component
Through research, the circuits that make electronic devices work have become smaller and more efficient, leading to better products. At Brookhaven Lab, scientists are engaging in studies and experiments aimed at taking this miniaturization trend to the extreme.


The Challenge of Keeping Up With the Data
Year-round, RHIC/ATLAS Computing Facility staff are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing support to users.


Learning to Read the Book of Life
Genome signature tagging, a new method developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory, has enormous potential for helping scientists understand the language of life.