About our research ...

We are a part of the Ocean Chemistry Division at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Our goal is to assess the ocean's role in controlling atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels with focus on observations of the exchange of CO2 across the air-sea interface and its eventual penetration into the water masses of the deep ocean.

For an introduction to the purpose of our research, see the paper entitled Uptake and Storage of Carbon Dioxide in the Oceans by Feely, Sabine, Takahashi, and Wanninkhof.

Our projects include measurement of surface CO2 levels in the oceans on NOAA ship RONALD H. BROWN and volunteer observing ships (VOS) in order to determine the exchange of CO2 between the ocean and the atmosphere. The VOS include cargo ships and a cruise ship Explorer of the Seas. We also take water column measurements of the total carbon content of seawater to discern changes over time as part of the CO2/CLIVAR repeat hydrography project.

In our research, we work closely with the CO2 group at NOAA/PMEL (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory).

Feely, R.A., C.L. Sabine, T.Takahashi, and R. Wanninkhof, Uptake and Storage of Carbon Dioxide in the Oceans: The Global CO2 Survey, The oceanography magazine, TOS, 14 (4), 18-32, 2001.

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