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Frequently Asked Questions About Enrollment

A. You can learn about the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program by reading the information on the FEHB Web Site at To get specific information about the enrollment process in your agency, contact your agency Human Resources Office. They can explain the program to you and determine if you are eligible to enroll. The will also tell you how to get information about the plans available to you.

If you currently have private health insurance, we recommend that you do not cancel that coverage until your FEHB enrollment is effective.

A. To enroll in the FEHB Program, you must follow the instructions of your agency Human Resources Office. You may need to complete a Standard Form (SF) 2809, Health Benefits Registration Form.

A. You have 60 days after you begin work to elect FEHB coverage and to decide if you want to waive participation in premium conversion. Your enrollment begins on the first day of the pay period that begins after your Human Resources Office receives your enrollment request and that follows a pay period during any part of which you were in a pay status. If you do not want to participate in premium conversion, you must give your waiver form to your Human Resources Office at the same time you turn in your FEHB enrollment request.

A. During the annual FEHB open season, you may enroll, cancel an enrollment, change plans or options, and waive or begin participation in premium conversion. Outside of open season, you can enroll in the FEHB Program due to certain events, called qualifying life events (QLEs) at The most common QLEs for enrolling in the FEHB Program are: change in family status such as marriage or acquiring a child, change in employment status, and employee or family member loses health insurance coverage.

A. Your Human Resources Office can tell you whether you are eligible to enroll. Generally, temporary employees can enroll after completing one year of current continuous government service. For more information, you can read the section about Temporary employees in the FEHB Handbook at - TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES.