Index of Documents

Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information

1. Letters received in response to NIH's Draft Proposal for Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information.

Master Plans and Supporting Documentation

1. Master Plan—NIH Center Drive Realignment (Project No. 80235.11)
National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC)—Presentation
November 20, 1997.

2. Draft Environmental Impact Statement Supplement for the
1995 Draft Master Plan, NIH—Comments & Recommendations
from NCPC (Letter dated September 18, 1995).

3. Transcript of Proceedings, NCPC—Commission Meeting, Open Session
September 7, 1995.

4. Draft 1995 Master Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement Supplement for NIH
(Memo dated September 15, 1995 with attachments).

5. Draft Environmental Impact Statement Supplement for the Master Plan
Executive Director's Recommendation, August 31, 1995.

6. Draft Master Plan—NIH Animal Center—Poolesville, MD, June 1996.

7. Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the 1995 Master Plan
NIH Animal Center, Poolesville, MD, June 1996.

8. *Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Assessment.
Proposal to provide a temporary low-level radioactive waste storage
facility in Building 14T, NIH Animal Center, Poolesville, MD, August 1992.

9. 1995 Master Plan—NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

10. 1995 Draft Master Plan—NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

11. 1995 Master Plan—Transportation Report—NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

12. Draft Master Plan—NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD, November 1993.

13. Revised Master Plan—Bethesda Reservation, NIH, October 1972.

14. NIH Master Plan Core Community Working Group, 1995.

15. Final Environmental Impact Statement for the 1995 Master Plan (2 Volumes)
NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

16. Draft Environmental Impact Statement Supplement for the 1995 Draft Master Plan
NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

17. Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Master Plan
NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD, October 1993.

18. Final Environmental Impact Statement—Revised Master Plan
Bethesda Reservation, NIH, July 1976.

Master Utility Plans

19. Master Utility Plan—Master Planning and Design Services
Central Infrastructure Utility System, Task No. 4.0 Report

Volume 1: Final Submission, March 1992—Final Revision, September 1992
Volume 2: Final Submission, June 1992
Volume 3: Final Submission, June 1992

20. *Master Utility Plan: 2000 Update, February 28, 2000

Volume 1: Final Executive Summary
Volume 2: Final Technical Report
Volume 3: Final Appendices

21. *Utility System Analysis and Planning, Water, Sanitary, Storm, Electric Site
Final Submission, December 1994 (3 Volumes).

22. Utility Systems Condition Assessment Water, Sanitary, Storm, Electric Site
Utilities Task No. 2.1 Report, Final Submission, June 1994

Hazardous Waste

23. *NIH Bethesda Campus, Hazardous Waste Facility—Facility Operating Record, June 2006.

24. Initial Incident Report for Sanitary Sewer Break at Building 50 Construction Site, September 1997.

25. National Response Center Report No. 393196, Elemental Mercury Spill, June 28, 1997.
A localized spill occurred at the NIH Building 10 loading dock and at the Montgomery County
Shady Grove Solid Waste Transfer Station.

26. Resource Conservation and Recover Act (RCRA) Part A and Part B Permit Applications.
Three-volume permit application, which describes the NIH proposed methods and
process for the management of hazardous waste generated within the NIH:

Volume 1: RCRA Part A & Part B Permit Applications, September 1994, Revision No. 2.
Volume 2: Attachment C-1
Volume 3: Attachment G-1

27. *Controlled Hazardous Substances (CHS), Permit No. A-285, May 2004.

28. 2001 RCRA CHS Renewal Permit Application, (2 Volumes):

Volume 1: Part A & Part B.
Volume 2: Contingency and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (CSPCCP),
Buildings 21N, 25 and 26T, August 2001.

29. Maryland Department of the Environment, Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) for a CHS
Storage and Treatment Facility Permit, Permit No. A-285, March 1997 (3 Volumes):

Volume 1: Permit A-285.
Volume 2: Attachment C-1/CHS Permit No. 1994A-285, Waste Analysis Plan.
Volume 3: Attachment G-1/CHS Permit No. 1994A-285, CSPCCP, Buildings 11, 21N, 25 & 26T
(Updated May 1996).

30. Maryland Department of the Environment, Waste Management Administration (WMA), Notice
of Permit Application Received and Public Informational Meeting (letter dated 1/27/95).

31. Revised CSPCCP, Buildings 11, 21N, 25, 26, 26T & 34, December 1994.

32. Clean Air Act, Title V, Part 70—Permit Application Package, November 1996. Proposal to
install a 23 Megawatt Natural Gas Fired Cogeneration System for the NIH.

33. Application for Permit to Construct the Cogeneration System, November 1996.

34. Maryland Department of the Environment, Cogeneration System, Docket No. 01-97,
Combustion Turbine Generator with Heat Recovery Steam Generator.

35. Permit to Construct a Cogeneration System, 23 Megawatt Combustion Turbine Generator and
Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Permit No. 15-5-1156N, October 14, 1998.

36. NIH Proposed Cogeneration System Noise Impact Analysis, Docket No. 1353-001-010,
January 1997.

37. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) State Health Report, December 1994,
Permit No. S-83-15-855GE, Laboratory Reports: Blue Plains Biosolids Analysis, Water Quality
Analysis and ComPro Sample Analysis at the Montgomery County Regional Composting
Facility, Silver Spring, Maryland.

38. Questions and Answers re: Hazardous Waste (letter dated 4/12/95 w/attachments).

39. Results of Analysis for Decommissioning and Demolition of Building 26 at the NIH
(5 Volumes):

Volume 1: Data Summary and Quality Assurance, November 1, 1994.
Volume 2: Laboratory Data Reports, November 1, 1994.
Volume 3: Follow-up Building Characterization, December 28, 1994.
Volume 4: Results of Analysis Soil Sampling, March 29, 1995.
Volume 5: Report of Analysis Soil Sampling during Excavation of Subsurface Structure,
August 3, 1995.

40. Building 26 Controlled Hazardous Substances Facility Closure Report, February 1996.

41. Division of Safety, NIH—Closure Plan for Building 26: Chronological File.

42. Maryland Department of the Environment, 1992 Hazardous Waste Report (3 Volumes).
(NIH main campus and NIH off-site locations.)

43. 1993 Hazardous Waste Report (5 Volumes). (NIH main campus and NIH off-site locations.)

44. NIH Community Forum, March 11, 1995
Discussion Groups: Flipcharts and cassette tapes.

45. Radiation Safety Training Materials (1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993).

46. Results of the COMPLY Code Runs (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency screening/
compliance code).

47. Report on Results of Radon Monitoring at NIH Facilities, November 1990 (2 Volumes).

48. Summary results of environmental radiation measurements taken at NIH by Oak Ridge
Associated Universities, 1998.

49. Results of environmental monitoring for gamma/photon exposure measurements using TLDs
surrounding the radioactive waste storage, Building T-14, Poolesville, Maryland.

50. Summary results of incinerator ash analysis and incinerator scrubber water analysis.

51. Summary reports of Air Sample Data.

52. *Pollution Prevention Plan. December 1995, Updated December 1996.
NIH, Bethesda, MD Campus.

53. Health Data—Subcommittee of the NIH Environmental Concerns Working Group,
December 16, 1994.

54. Closure of CHS Facility in Building 34.

55. Safety and Health Program Plan for Hazardous Waste Facility Operation, May 1997
(2 Volumes):

Volume 1: Program Plan.
Volume 2: Attachments.

56. Fact Sheet, NIH: "What We Know About Radiation," August 1996.

57. Nuclear Regulatory Commission—Augmented Inspection Team Report
Report No. 030-01786/95-002. Inspection regarding internal radioactive contamination
with Phosphorus-32 of a pregnant researcher.

58. Notice of the Issuance of Director's Decision (DD) (DD-97-22).

59. *Copies of Nuclear Regulatory Commission licenses issued to the NIH.

60. *Copies of Inspection Reports prepared by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and
NIH response to those reports.

61. Reports on Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Spills, Incident Reports (1992–1994).

62. Baltimore Regional Medical Waste Facility—Environmental Impact, January 1997.

63. Report of the soil sampling of NIH Building 32T II Site (2 Volumes):

Volume 1: Narrative Report
Volume 2: Appendices, April 1995

64. Soil Sampling Background Materials, 1995.

65. Preliminary Statement of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts Pending their Final Report,
October 17, 1995.

66. Infrastructure Modernization Program—Install Chillers 20 & 21 in Building 11 (2 Volumes).

Volume 1: Contract Specifications, May 1994 (Final Submission).
Volume 2: Mechanical Special Requirements.

67. Program of Requirements, Building 11—Phase I Expansion (Final Submission),
September 15, 1993.

68. NIH to Implement Soil Testing in response to community concerns.

69. Specifications for addition of Boiler 5 to Existing Boilers in Building 11.
Solicitation No. 263-93-B-(CP)-0404, January 8, 1993.

70. Incinerator Facility Review—Investigative Report (Final Submission)
Contract No. 263-90-D-0027, Work Request No. 005148
Prepared by Mueller Associates, December 9, 1992.

71. NIH Screening Level Assessment for Incinerator No. 3, July 1994 (Final).
Docket No. 5784-001-300.

72. Incinerator No. 3 Scrubber Study for NIH, April 26, 1990.

73. Report of Survey for Incinerator Removal at NIH, May 1997.
Removal of Incinerators 1, 2, & 3 from Building 11.

74. Data Validation Report, Revision 01: NIH Site Investigation related to
past incinerator operations at the NIH, September 1995

75. Data Validation Report, Errata & Additions, October 13, 1995.

76. Field Sampling Plan, Revision 01, February 1995.

77. Statement of Work: Environmental Compliance Organization, Inc.

78. NIH Program Sampling Locations—On Campus Phase.

79. Expert Panel: Report on the Impact and Assessment of Medical
and Pathological Waste Incineration (undated).

80. Medical Pathological Waste Characterization Study—Pilot Study, 1991.
Final Report—Part 1: Initial Report.

81. Environmental Review and Recommendation regarding the Need to Prepare an
Environmental Assessment (EA): Documents 1 through 57.

82. *Environmental Review and Recommendation regarding the Need to Prepare an
Environmental Assessment for the Proposal to Provide a Family Lodge on the
NIH Campus, Approved August 1999.

83. *NIH Addition to the Children's Inn—Preliminary Design and Final Plan Review
January 4, 2002.


84. Core Community Working Group: Meeting Minutes & Agenda
April 9, 1996; April 18, 1996; April 25, 1996; May 5, 1996; May 22, 1996;
June 5, 1996; September 18, 1997; October 16, 1997; and March 19, 1998.

85. First Annual Report, Office of Community Liaison, October 1, 1995.

86. "OCL Update"—Notes from the Director, OCL: May 1995 to March 1998.

87. Recycling Subcommittee of NIH Environmental Concerns Work Group
Meeting Minutes & Recommendations: August 18, 1994 & July 6, 1994.

88. Follow up to the Radon Issue Raised at the Cogeneration Public Hearing
(Note dated 1/16/98 w/attachments).

89. National Capital Planning Commission—Fact Sheet, December 1, 1993.

90. *Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, March 8 - 10, 2000 (2 Volumes).

91. NIH Historic Preservation Plan, May 1993.

92. Traffic Monitoring Program—Base Condition Surveys
September 1992; June 23, 1993; December 12, 1993; and June 1994.

93. NIH Zebrafish Addition to Building 6A—Preliminary Site & Building Plans,
January 2, 2003.

94. NIH NMR/Zebrafish Addition to Building 6A—Preliminary & Final Submission
to the National Capital Planning Commission, Project Report,
November 27, 2002.

95. Intra-Agency Agreement between the Office of Research Services, NIH and the
Federal Occupational Health, Region III, U.S. Public Health Service:
Inspection/Survey of Asbestos Containing Materials, NIH Bethesda and
Poolesville Facilities (NIH Agreement No. 1-Y02-OR-40023-00), dated
August 11, 1994.

96. *Alternate Technologies Surveys, NIH
by Public Health Service, Division of Federal Occupational Health, Region III,
Philadelphia, PA, March 1, 1995.

97. NIH Management Plan for the Architectural Barriers Compliance Program,
Revised December 15, 1993.

98. *Draft—RFP No. 292-01-P(HA)-0009, Firm Natural Gas Transportation Service,
June 28, 2001.

Other Materials

*Letter dated August 3, 1999 to Phyllis Housel Gale, The Regents of the University of
California from Leo F. Buscher, Jr., Chief, Grants Management Officer, NCI re:
RO1 CA53711, "High-Field MR Bioeffects: Lymphocyte Ca2 + Metabolism," under the
direction of Robert P. Liburdy, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

*Letter dated May 14, 1999 to Ralph Synderman, M.D., Duke University Medical Center from
Michael A. Carome, M.D., re: Lifting the Ban on Duke University and their Human Use

*CellPro—Correspondence and Submissions relating to CellPro March-In Petition
Correspondence Documents.

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