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Retirement Systems Modernization

Retirement Systems Modernization

Over the next 10 years, 60% of people in the Federal workforce will be eligible to retire. More than likely, 40% of these individuals will retire when they are first eligible. How is OPM proactively preparing for the increased number and complexity of retirement applications expected across the Federal Government? How is OPM responding to increased customer demand for online, self-service tools that support retirement?

The answer lies in our efforts with the Retirement Systems Modernization (RSM) Program.

The RSM program transforms retirement by devising more efficient and effective business systems to answer to increased customer demand for higher levels of customer service and online self-service tools.

New web based tools are available on-demand for federal employees to plan early for their retirement. System operators will have secure access to federal employees' and annuitants' information in the system, allowing for enhanced retirement and post-retirement counseling. The automation of claims processing will be done more efficiently, consistently, and provide federal employees and annuitants access to their retirement information not previously available.

OPM went with this new retirement system (now named RetireEZ) in February, 2008. We have left the RSM Site in tact for you as a reference marker of our progress on this initiative.

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