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President's Management Agenda
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Expanded Electronic Government

The five integrated, government-wide goals:   


Government-wide Progress Report

OMB Definitions of Scores


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Using technology to its fullest to provide services and information that is citizen centered.

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SSA's Current Score:

  • Status: Green

  • Progress: Green



Green Light Criteria:

  • Has an Enterprise Architecture with a score of 4 in the “Completion” section and 4 in both the “Use” and “Results” sections;

  • Has acceptable business cases for all major systems investments and no business cases on the “management watch list;”

  • Has demonstrated appropriate planning, execution, and management of major IT investments, using EVM or operational analysis and has portfolio performance within 10% of cost, schedule, and performance goals;

  • Inspector General or Agency Head verifies the effectiveness of the Department-wide IT security remediation process and rates the agency certification and accreditation process as “Satisfactory” or better;

  • Has 90% of all IT systems properly secured (certified and accredited);

  • Adheres to the agency-accepted and OMB-approved implementation plan for all of the appropriate E-Gov/Lines of Business/SmartBuy initiatives and has transitioned and/or shut down investments duplicating these initiatives in accordance with the OMB-approved implementation plan.

To Maintain Green Status

  • Has ALL IT systems certified and accredited;

  • Has IT systems installed and maintained in accordance with security configurations;

  • Has demonstrated for 90% of applicable systems a Privacy Impact Assessment has been conducted and is publicly posted;

  • Has demonstrated for 90% of systems with personally identifiable information a system of records has been developed and published;

  • Has an agreed-upon plan to meet necessary communication requirements for COOP and COG activities.


Agency's Plan:

Implement eGov through effective governance, establishing Agency–wide procedures, and executing laws and presidential directives via:

  • E-Gov Council

  • Information Resources Management (IRM) Strategic Plan linked to the Agency Strategic Plan and Agency Performance Plan

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Process

  • E-Gov Steering Committee

  • Information Technology and Advisory Board (ITAB) Process

  • Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Continue collaboration with Federal agencies on Presidential initiatives and work toward common IT solutions to solve business needs.

Continue to implement electronic disability (within SSA, with the Disability Determination Services, and with the medical community) as a foundation for future business changes.

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Last reviewed or modified Monday Jun 16, 2008
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