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Commercial Services Management

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OMB Definitions of Scores


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To determine if a private organization can perform a function more effeciently than the government.

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SSA's Current Score:

    • Status: Green

    • Progress: Green



Green Light Criteria:

  • Have an OMB approved “green” plan (i.e. long range competition plan to compete commercial activities suitable for competition.)
  • Have publicly announced standard competitions in accordance with the scheduled outlined in the Agency “green” competition plan.
  • Have since January 2001, completed at least 10 standard and/or streamlined competitions (no minimum number of positions required per competition).
  • Have in the past year, completed 95% of all streamlined competitions in a 90-day time frame.
  • Have in the past year, completed 90% of all standard competitions in a 12 month timeframe or timeframe otherwise approved in accordance with the Circular
  • Have in the past year, canceled fewer than 10% of publicly announced standard and streamlined competitions.
  • Have justifications why some commercial activities (code A) are exempt from competition.
  • Tracks and reviews actual costs, savings and quality of performance of the selected service provider for all performance periods.
  • Structures competitions in a manner to encourage participations by both private and public sectors
  • Regularly reviews work performed once competitive sourcing studies are implemented to determine if performance standards are being met.
  • Submits quarterly reports to OMB’s competitive sourcing tracking system regarding status of pending competitions and results achieved.
  • Has positive anticipated savings and/or significant performance improvements from competitions completed in the last fiscal year for which data has been officially reported to Congress by OMB or in the last three quarters.

To Maintain Green Status:

  • Has expressly coordinated “green” competition plan annual updates with agency’s Cief Human Capital Officer.
  • Has an OMB-approved plan for independently validating results from a sampling of competitions and completes validations in accordance with the schedule outline in the plan.


Agency's Plan:

  • Implement the infrastructure needed to carry out the competitive sourcing process and meet the President’s goals for this initiative
  • Continue a comprehensive training program for managers and employees involved in competitive sourcing competitions
  • Use a combination of in-house expertise and experienced competitive sourcing consultants to conduct competitions
  • Submit the FAIR Act Inventory on a timely basis to OMB
  • Continue preplanning activities and compete functions that would generate savings or produce quality improvements
  • The Agency has worked with OMB to develop an “express” pilot competition of 10 FTEs or less that enables the Agency to more efficiently/cost effectively compete with small FTE functions


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