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Strategic Management of Human Capital

The five integrated, government-wide goals:   


Government-wide Progress Report

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To attract talented and imaginative people to federal government.

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SSA's Current Score:

  •   Status: Green

  •   Progress: Green



Green Light Criteria:

  • Agency’s Strategic Management of Human Capital institutionalizes a Human Capital Plan aligned with its mission, goals, and organizational objectives. Agency human capital strategy integrates its strategic plans, performance plans, and budgets; the results are analyzed and the Agency uses them in decision-making to drive continuous improvement.
  • Agency’s organizational structure is citizen-centered, delayered, and mission-focused using competitive sourcing and E-Gov solutions, as necessary.
  • Agency leaders and managers effectively manage people, ensure continuity of leadership using succession strategies, and sustain a learning environment that drives continuous improvement in performance.
  • Agency has a diverse, results-oriented, high performing workforce, and has a multi-tiered performance management system that effectively differentiates between performance levels, and links individual/team/unit performance to organizational goals and desired results.
  • Agency meets targets for closing competency gaps in government-wide and Agency-specific mission-critical occupations.
  • Agency has made significant progress and continues to demonstrate improvement toward meeting hiring timeline goals.
  • Agency conducts periodic reviews as part of an accountability system to make data-driven, results-oriented improvements.

SSA's Current Score:

  •   Status: Green

  •   Progress: Green

Agency's Plan:

  • Continue past accomplishments including:

    • Annual update of the retirement wave projections for succession planning;
    • Implementing the Strategic Human Capital Plan guided by data-driven, results-oriented planning  
    • SSA leadership and executive development programs;
    • Recruitment and training programs
    • Diversity hiring with an emphasis to attract people with disabilities and veterans.
  • Continue to pursue e-Government initiatives 
  • Evaluate 45 day hiring model and report progress/status
  • Continue to implement Annual Employee Surveys.
  • Continue to implement Employee Exit Surveys and monitor results.
  • Continue to disseminate information on knowledge management practices
  • Continue to implement competency based management/leadership training plan.
  • Conduct Human Resource Management assessments.
  • Continue operating and hiring in a Career Patterns environment as part of the Agency’s Hiring Improvement Strategy.
  • Continue implementation of a multi-tiered performance system that plans, monitors, develops, and appraises employee performance.


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