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President's Management Agenda
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Improved Financial Performance


The five integrated, government-wide goals:   


Government-wide Progress Report

OMB Definitions of Scores


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To improve how government manages money.

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SSA's Current Score:

  • Status: Green

  • Progress: Green



Green Light Criteria:

  • Unqualified and timely audit opinion on the annual financial statements; no repeat material auditor-reported internal control weaknesses; no material non-compliance with laws and regulations; no repeat material weaknesses reported under the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act.
  • Reports in its audited financial statements that its systems are in compliance with the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act.
  • Currently produces accurate and timely financial information that is used by management to inform decision-making and drive results in key areas of operations
  • Is implementing a plan to continuously expand the scope of its routine data use to inform management decision-making in additional areas of operations


Agency's Plan:

  • Replace and modernize financial, cost and management information systems

  • Continue unqualified and timely opinions on audited financial statements


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Last reviewed or modified Monday Jun 16, 2008
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