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Performance Improvement Initiative

The five integrated, government-wide goals:   


Government-wide Progress Report

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To produce a performance-based budget that links resources to performance.

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SSA's Current Score:

  • Status: Green

  • Progress: Green



SSA achieved green status on all six standards for success as of the third quarter FY 2004.  We are maintaining these standards as we continue to improve our ability to integrate budget and performance outcomes.

Green Light Criteria:

  • Agency works to improve program performance and efficiency each year.  Senior agency managers meet at least quarterly to examine reports that integrate financial and performance information that covers all major responsibilities of the Department.

  • Strategic and annual plans contain a limited number of outcome-oriented goals and objectives.  Annual budget and performance documents incorporate measures identified in the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) and focus on the information used in the senior management report.

  • Reports the full cost of achieving performance goals accurately in budget and performance documents and can accurately estimate the marginal cost of changing performance goals.

  • Has at least one efficiency measure for all programs evaluated under PART.

  • Uses PART evaluations, findings and performance information to direct program improvements and justify funding requests, management actions, and legislative proposals.

  • Less than 10 percent of agency programs receive a Results Not Demonstrated rating for two years in a row.

To maintain green status, agency:

  • Improves program performance and efficiency each year.

  • Uses marginal cost analysis to inform resource allocations, as appropriate.


Agency's Plan:

  • SSA will continue to develop and submit budget requests integrating our APP, Agency Strategic Plan (ASP), and PART findings.

  • Agency executives will continue to meet each quarter with the Commissioner to analyze data on performance measures from the SSA Tracking Reports and make any necessary adjustments to resource commitments in order to maximize program performance and efficiency.

  • The Office of Budget (OB) will continue to use its budget formulation tool, the EBS, along with our Excel and Macro Models for the FY 2009 and FY 2010 budget processes.

  • SSA will continue to use unit cost and production rate information to evaluate the effect of congressional or OMB action on our budget and to assist Agency executives in making budget decisions.

  • The Agency will continue to work with OMB to ensure that plans are developed and implemented to address PART findings and improve program performance.  In addition, SSA will use PARTWeb to record and update information regarding our recommendations, program dollars and performance measures.


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