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Office of HIV/AIDS Policy (OHAP) is responsible for several important Federal initiatives to fight HIV/AIDS, including:

National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign—The purpose is to infuse new energy into the national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by promoting HHS programs and policies and mobilizing local communities to respond to this epidemic through HIV awareness, education, testing, prevention, treatment and care. The goals of the Campaign are to:

  • Increase the number of people who know their HIV status
  • Increase the number of new partnerships and collaborations addressing HIV/AIDS
  • Increase the number of discussions on HIV-related stigma and risk behaviors and the number of people exposed to these discussions—This is the new Internet gateway for Federal domestic HIV/AIDS information. provides a user-friendly search function to help visitors locate the HIV/AIDS information they need and then links them to relevant Departmental and agency websites. HHS coordinates the site for all Federal Departments and agencies and OHAP maintains it.