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Office of Finance

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report

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Issued: November 15, 2003

HTML Version [PDF Version]

Message from the Secretary

Section I: Management Discussion and Analysis

Mission and Strategic Goals
Scope of Services
HHS Partners - Working Together
HHS Organization - Structured to Accomplish Our Mission
President’s Management Agenda
Program Performance Overview
Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
Systems, Controls, and Legal Compliance
Looking Ahead to 2004 - HHS Management Challenges and High Risk Areas

Section II: Program Performance by HHS Strategic Goal

Section III: Financial Statements, Notes, Supplemental and Other Accompanying Information

Principal Financial Statements
Notes to the Principal Financial Statements
Required Supplementary Stewardship Information
Required Supplementary Information
Other Accompanying Information

Section IV: Independent Auditor's Report on Financial Statements and Management Response [PDF]

Section V: Appendices

Appendix A - HHS FY 2003 Top Management Challenges Identified by the Office of Inspector General
Appendix B - Net Cost of Key HHS Programs
Appendix C - Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) - Summary of HHS Program Assessments
Appendix D - HHS FY 2003 Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Report on Systems and Controls
Appendix E - HHS FY 2003 Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (FFMIA) Report on Compliance
Appendix F - Management Report on Final Action
Appendix G - Prompt Pay and Civil Monetary Penalties
Appendix H - Financial Management Performance Measures
Appendix I – Acronyms
Appendix J - Key HHS Financial Management Officials

Last revised: May 16, 2006


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