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Integrated Health Information Systems
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The National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS) is an initiative that promotes the use of data and information system standards to advance the development of efficient, integrated, and interoperable surveillance systems at federal, state and local levels.  It is a major component of the Public Health Information Network (PHIN).

This broad initiative is designed to:

  1. To detect outbreaks rapidly and to monitor the health of the nation
  2. Facilitate the electronic transfer of appropriate information from clinical information systems in the health care system to public health departments
  3. Reduce provider burden in the provision of information
  4. Enhance both the timeliness and quality of information provided

Surveillance Systems collect and monitor data for disease trends and/or outbreaks so that public health personnel can protect the nation's health.

NEDSS Vision:

The vision of NEDSS is to have integrated surveillance systems that can transfer appropriate public health, laboratory, and clinical data efficiently and securely over the Internet. NEDSS will revolutionize public health by gathering and analyzing information quickly and accurately. This will help to improve the nation's ability to identify and track emerging infectious diseases and potential bioterrorism attacks as well as to investigate outbreaks and monitor disease trends.

The NEDSS Base System:

The NEDSS Base System is an example of a NEDSS compatible system that can be used by a state health department for the surveillance and analysis of notifiable diseases. The NEDSS Base System provides a platform upon which modules can be built to meet state and program area data needs as well as providing a secure, accurate and efficient way for collecting and processing data.


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