Retirement Plan Management for Small Business
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"The skills you have learned running a small business are basically the same skills you will need to know to successfully manage a retirement plan - it's not about making investment decisions, it's about managing a prudent process."

Donald B Trone,
AIFA President, Foundation for Fiduciary Studies

"In retirement planning, knowledge is power. Education empowers everyone involved to maximize their retirement benefits while minimizing confusion and uncertainty. A retirement plan at work with regular payroll deduction leads to 50% or more of employees saving, as opposed to less than 10% that take the time to set up an IRA. Employer sponsorship is critical to future financial security."

Dallas Salisbury
President, Employee Benefits Research Institute

“Small business owners have a special responsibility to themselves, their employees and their business. One important way to meet such responsibility is by being engaged in and educated about retirement plans. Well-managed retirement plans can be a key component of a successful company, and you do not have to be a major corporation to have access to great information, options and support.“

David Wray
President, Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America

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