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  Tools and Software for Data Validation  
   Data Validation  
The accuracy and reliability of program reports submitted by states and grantees using Federal funds are fundamental elements of good public administration, and are necessary tools for maintaining and demonstrating system integrity. The President's Management Agenda to improve the management and performance of the Federal government has emphasized the importance of complete information for program monitoring and improving program results.
   Data Validation Software  
  States and grantees can use these tools to validate data. The ETA software can also be used to generate the aggregate information required in reports submitted to ETA. States and grantees that use the software provided by ETA to generate this aggregate information will not be required to perform report validation.

February 8, 2008:
In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act, OMB has approved without change the Employment and Training Data Validation requirement through February 28, 2011.
  What's New  
in Data Validation as of 09/11/08    

DRVS Version 7.1.1
When states have tried to e-submit their validation results using DRVS 7.1, they have received a critical error.  The DRVS 7.1.1 (e-submit patch) fixes this issue.

Important Note:
States must complete the DRVS 7.1 upgrade following the instructions listed in “Instructions for Implementing DRVS 7.1” before applying the DRVS 7.1.1 e-submit patch.

DRVS Version 7.1
DRVS 7.1 is designed for PY07 annual reporting and validation and for PY08 quarterly reporting.  States are advised to create backups of prior databases before importing new PY07 data into the software.

Important Note:

Implementing DRVS 7.1 is a multi-step process.  Following the instructions as posted is essential to successful implementation of the upgrade.  To view the instructions, click on the link to “Instructions for Implementing DRVS 7.1” in the “In This Section” box to the right.

New in WIA 7.1
  • Updates the Literacy/Numeracy calculation for the second year of implementation and incorporates the changes specified in TEGL 17-05 Change 1
  • Designates WIASRD 313c as a “Special Projects” funding stream field. Records with a funding stream code in this field only will be accepted by the software and included in the WIASRD export file. Records with a code in 313c will not be counted in any performance, participant, or exiter counts unless co-enrolled in another funding stream.
  • Implements functionality for calculating the PY08 ETA 9090 Quarterly Reports
  • Adds functionality for tabbing between data elements on the validation worksheets and for using “P” or “F” keystrokes to auto-fill pass/fail validation results
  • Restores the functionality for saving databases or creating new databases
New in Wagner-Peyser 7.1
  • Restores functionalities for the performance outcome groups, the export of numerators and denominators, and drawing the validation sample
  • The DRVS can now calculate the first quarter report for PY 2008

What's New for the Upgrade DRVS 6.3 to 7.0 Script
  • The script can upgrade a prior DRVS 6.3 database to version 7.0 functionality so that states can finalize and submit their PY05 Data Element Validation results. Please make sure to follow the upgrade instructions in order to avoid losing your data.
  • The script upgrades the most recent DRVS 7.0 release to enable reporting for the first quarterly report for PY07.
  • The script corrects the 90-day duplicate detection rule to only apply to records with Dates of Exit on or after 7/1/2006 or blank.
  • The script also corrects the PY06 Table K public assistance calculations for the Diploma and Retention Rates.

DRVS Version 7.0
  • Implements functionality for calculating the PY06 ETA 9091 Annual Report (including Table O results), for performing PY06 Report Validation, and for submitting results to ETA

  • Implements functionality for performing PY06 Data Element Validation and submitting results to ETA
  • Corrects previously reported Literacy-Numeracy calculation issues related to same date post-tests or missing pre-test dates
  • Provides the ability to export the DEV worksheet summary for each funding stream to a .txt file (described on pages 85-86 of the User Handbook). To display in comma-delimited format, open these files through the excel application and select “delimited,” click next, and then select “comma.”
  • Adds lines separating data elements on the printed validation worksheets

    Important Note:
    DRVS 7.0 is designed for PY06 reporting and validation. DRVS 7.0 is NOT for use in completing PY05 data element validation and should NOT be installed on computers housing PY05 DEV results. An upgrade script for completing PY05 data element validation will be forthcoming.

    States are advised to use separate computers for PY05 data element validation and PY06 reporting. To prevent states from losing PY05 databases created in DRVS versions 6.2 or 6.3, the installation default for DRVS 7.0 is set to “I DO NOT want to create a DRVS database.” When installing DRVS 7.0 on a new computer, states should create a new database by selecting “I want to create a DRVS database” (see page 19 of the User Handbook). Failure to follow these steps could cause states to lose their PY05 sample and validation results created in version 6.2 or 6.3.

NFJP Data Validation Software Version 2.0 Update
  • An updated NFJP User's Guide that updates the acceptable federal source documentation listed in Appendix C. The prior version accidentally excluded some acceptable source documentation.  The new version includes all source documentation from last year.  States should copy this document and put it in C:\program files\NFJP\docs folder so that they can access it from Help menu.
  • An updated NFJP.exe for NFJP Data Validation Software version 2.0 is now available. This updated NFJP.exe file implements valid value edit checks for only those key elements that need to be validated or are important for validation, thus solving the problem that some grantee files are not able to import properly due to too many invalid values. It also fixes edit check B for the Exit Category field.
Important Note:
Grantees should first install NFJP2.0_Setup.exe (released 4/30/07) if they haven't done so, then replace the old NFJP.exe in C:\Program Files\NFJP (or in whatever location grantees chose to install the software) with this updated executable. The new executable is in addition to the installation so that the installation should not be removed. Open the application and follow the instructions in the NFJP user handbook to import files and conduct data validation. Please contact for any technical assistance questions.

NFJP Data Validation Software Version 2.0

is now available. NFJP grantees can use version 2.0 with the PY 2006 Quarter 3 WIASPR to conduct data element validation for PY 2005 exiters, and to analyze exiter performance.

DRVS Version 6.3 Upgrade Patch

DRVS Version 6.3 incorporates the basic functionality for conducting WIA data element validation. These include:

  • Implements the new PY06 Average Earnings measure for adults, dislocated workers, and NEGs
  • Implements the new performance outcome groups for Entered Employment, Retention, and Earnings for adults, dislocated workers, and NEGs corresponding to the change in the earnings measure
  • Calculates Literacy-Numeracy results
  • Provides the Dislocated Worker Sample Report functionality that was not operational in version 6.2
  • Provides enhancements to version 6.2 printed validation worksheets and sample reports
  • Sub-Sample Reports (although displayed in the Data Element Validation Sub-Sample menu) are not operational
  • Implements the new PY06 Average Earnings measure on the 9002 C and D and VETS 200 reports, and the new performance outcome groups corresponding to the change in the earnings measure.
  • Corrects the 9002D Entered Employment Following Staff-Assisted Services numerator, denominator, and rate to exclude self-service exiters who are veterans from the calculation.
 In This Section
Version 7.1.1 WIA/LX

Version 7.1 WIA/LX

Version 7.0 WIA

Version 2.0 NFJP
Patch WIA 6.3
Version 6.3 WIA
Version WIA
Version WIA
Version 6.1
Version 6.0 WIA
Version 2.0 TAA
Version 1.3 TAA
Version 1.2 NFJP
  Important Note:
States that used DRVS 6.2 to draw their WIA data element validation sample can upgrade to DRVS 6.3 without losing the sample by following the steps listed below. Failure to follow these steps could cause states to lose their sample and sample results. States would then have to draw a new sample and re-start the validation process. This patch is only intended to upgrade the WIA sample database. It does not upgrade LX databases, and it does not upgrade all the calculations for the WIA Annual report.
  Archives of Validation Software  
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Created: August 18, 2008
Updated: September 11, 2008