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Welcome to Emice
Mouse Models
Overviews of organ site models, mouse model publications and interactions with industrial partners.

Information about sources of mouse stocks, cancer genes, pathways, drugs, collections of mutants, protocols and reagents, analytical tools, and funding opportunities.

Announcements, calendar of activities, newsletters, and press releases. Contact information for Principal Investigators, co-Principal Investigators and Collaborators.

Experimental Therapeutics
Includes links to general information about specific therapies, models and genetics regarding resistance. Information about clinical trials in humans, how to design a mouse clinical trial, categories of therapeutic compounds and genetic modifiers/strain differences.

Information regarding the MMHCC organization, organizational activities, and meetings.

Tools for uploading and browsing mouse model related data.

Learning Tools
Provides "how to" information for mouse model engineering, which includes tutorials about statistics and histology (comparison of mouse models and human disease, images, markers, and protocols). Online books, journals, dictionary, cancer news, mouse strain nomenclature.

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