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CDC and ATSDR Ethics Program Activity

The CDC and ATSDR Ethics Program Activity is responsible for interpreting ethics laws and regulations, reviewing financial disclosure reports, and offering continuing ethics training and counseling services to ensure that CDC and ATSDR employees avoid situations that could violate ethics laws and undermine the public's trust in Government. Employees should remember that certain ethics rules are complex and require analysis in applying them to specific situations. For this reason, employees should always seek the advice of an ethics official when contemplating any action that may be covered by the rules.

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2007 Annual Ethics Training

Please select one of the following options to complete the training.

Option 1: Access the link (on the main page that says "Welcome to the 2007 Annual Ethics Training," click the link under this link that says "If you are using assistive technology to access the Annual Ethics Training", then proceed)

Option 2: View Power Point Presentation

Upon completion of the training program, a certificate will automatically be generated once you have entered your personal information. After entering your name and e-mail address, be sure to select "CDC" as the designated agency so that your certificate will be sent to the mailbox. You will also be able to maintain a copy of the certificate for your records.

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