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Training & Development

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Training at Social Security goes on everywhere, almost all the time. We are dedicated to creating a climate that advances learning through exploration and discovery, on-the-job mentoring, partnering, collaboration and a variety of special projects and job assignments.

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Formal Training

Social Security provides traditional classroom training in a variety of areas:

  • Automation Training
  • Entry-level Programmatic Training
  • Training for Managers/Supervisors
  • Training For Employees With Disabilities
  • Training For Employees Who Interview In
    Foreign Languages
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Social Security's e-learning programs allow employees to maintain independent training plans at the employees' convenience. Cutting edge technology provides individually paced learning options such as:

  • Interactive Video Tele-training
  • Social Security's Online University
  • Training Information Center

Formal Development Programs

Social Security's national career development and management training programs establish a channel through which employees gain experience and reach higher levels of leadership. These programs include:

  • Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program
  • Advanced Leadership Program
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Executive Development Program
  • Presidential Management Fellows Program
  • Basic Leadership Training Course
  • Management Support Specialist Course
  • Leadership Symposiums

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