Electronic Application
opens September 1 and
submission deadline is November 3 (5:00 PM. EST).

Transcripts (if applicable) and Reference Reports

due by November 15

Getting the Most Out of a Career Fair
September 25, 2008

*S.T.E.M. Symposium
October 16, 2008


Meet with the Associateship staff to learn more about the program learn about the program at an event near you!

Special Note:
The Agencies below only participate in the Reviews listed:

* CBD - February, May & November
EPA/SFFP - February & November
NETL/MHP - February & August
NIST - February & August
NRL - February, May & August

The Research Associateship awards are open to doctoral level scientists and engineers (U.S and Foreign Nationals) who can apply their special knowledge and talents to research areas that are of interest to them and to the participating
host laboratories and centers.

Awards are available for Postdoctoral Associates (within 5 years of the doctorate) and Senior Associates (normally 5 years or more beyond the doctorate).

Associates conduct research in residence at the participating
host laboratory they have chosen.

Application process overview
Search research opportunities
Read about each Agency
***(stipend, eligibility, etc)***
Required Support Documents
Apply online


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Participating Agencies

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Other Research Opportunities:
Summer Faculty Awards
Davies Teaching Fellowships
International Opportunities

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