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SIC Division Structure

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A.Division A: Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing
  Major Group 01: Agricultural Production Crops
  Major Group 02: Agriculture production livestock and animal specialties
  Major Group 07: Agricultural Services
  Major Group 08: Forestry
  Major Group 09: Fishing, hunting, and trapping
B.Division B: Mining
  Major Group 10: Metal Mining
  Major Group 12: Coal Mining
  Major Group 13: Oil And Gas Extraction
  Major Group 14: Mining And Quarrying Of Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels
C.Division C: Construction
  Major Group 15: Building Construction General Contractors And Operative Builders
  Major Group 16: Heavy Construction Other Than Building Construction Contractors
  Major Group 17: Construction Special Trade Contractors
D.Division D: Manufacturing
  Major Group 20: Food And Kindred Products
  Major Group 21: Tobacco Products
  Major Group 22: Textile Mill Products
  Major Group 23: Apparel And Other Finished Products Made From Fabrics And Similar Materials
  Major Group 24: Lumber And Wood Products, Except Furniture
  Major Group 25: Furniture And Fixtures
  Major Group 26: Paper And Allied Products
  Major Group 27: Printing, Publishing, And Allied Industries
  Major Group 28: Chemicals And Allied Products
  Major Group 29: Petroleum Refining And Related Industries
  Major Group 30: Rubber And Miscellaneous Plastics Products
  Major Group 31: Leather And Leather Products
  Major Group 32: Stone, Clay, Glass, And Concrete Products
  Major Group 33: Primary Metal Industries
  Major Group 34: Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery And Transportation Equipment
  Major Group 35: Industrial And Commercial Machinery And Computer Equipment
  Major Group 36: Electronic And Other Electrical Equipment And Components, Except Computer Equipment
  Major Group 37: Transportation Equipment
  Major Group 38: Measuring, Analyzing, And Controlling Instruments; Photographic, Medical And Optical Goods; Watches And Clocks
  Major Group 39: Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
E.Division E: Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services
  Major Group 40: Railroad Transportation
  Major Group 41: Local And Suburban Transit And Interurban Highway Passenger Transportation
  Major Group 42: Motor Freight Transportation And Warehousing
  Major Group 43: United States Postal Service
  Major Group 44: Water Transportation
  Major Group 45: Transportation By Air
  Major Group 46: Pipelines, Except Natural Gas
  Major Group 47: Transportation Services
  Major Group 48: Communications
  Major Group 49: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services
F.Division F: Wholesale Trade
  Major Group 50: Wholesale Trade-durable Goods
  Major Group 51: Wholesale Trade-non-durable Goods
G.Division G: Retail Trade
  Major Group 52: Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, And Mobile Home Dealers
  Major Group 53: General Merchandise Stores
  Major Group 54: Food Stores
  Major Group 55: Automotive Dealers And Gasoline Service Stations
  Major Group 56: Apparel And Accessory Stores
  Major Group 57: Home Furniture, Furnishings, And Equipment Stores
  Major Group 58: Eating And Drinking Places
  Major Group 59: Miscellaneous Retail
H.Division H: Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate
  Major Group 60: Depository Institutions
  Major Group 61: Non-depository Credit Institutions
  Major Group 62: Security And Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges, And Services
  Major Group 63: Insurance Carriers
  Major Group 64: Insurance Agents, Brokers, And Service
  Major Group 65: Real Estate
  Major Group 67: Holding And Other Investment Offices
I.Division I: Services
  Major Group 70: Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, And Other Lodging Places
  Major Group 72: Personal Services
  Major Group 73: Business Services
  Major Group 75: Automotive Repair, Services, And Parking
  Major Group 76: Miscellaneous Repair Services
  Major Group 78: Motion Pictures
  Major Group 79: Amusement And Recreation Services
  Major Group 80: Health Services
  Major Group 81: Legal Services
  Major Group 82: Educational Services
  Major Group 83: Social Services
  Major Group 84: Museums, Art Galleries, And Botanical And Zoological Gardens
  Major Group 86: Membership Organizations
  Major Group 87: Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management, And Related Services
  Major Group 88: Private Households
  Major Group 89: Miscellaneous Services
J.Division J: Public Administration
  Major Group 91: Executive, Legislative, And General Government, Except Finance
  Major Group 92: Justice, Public Order, And Safety
  Major Group 93: Public Finance, Taxation, And Monetary Policy
  Major Group 94: Administration Of Human Resource Programs
  Major Group 95: Administration Of Environmental Quality And Housing Programs
  Major Group 96: Administration Of Economic Programs
  Major Group 97: National Security And International Affairs
  Major Group 99: Nonclassifiable Establishments

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