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The Miller Flute Collection contains nearly 1,700 flutes and other wind instruments, statuary, iconography, books, music, trade catalogs, tutors, patents, and other materials mostly related to the flute. It includes both Western and nonwestern examples of flutes from around the world, with at least 460 European and American instrument makers represented. Items in the collection date from the 16th to the 20th century.

This online presentation includes images of over 1,500 instruments, 33 photographs and other illustrations, and a 17th-century flageolet tutor. In addition, there are accompanying essays and writings about Dayton Miller, his collection, and flutes and flute makers.

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Special Presentations

Five Flutes

Flute Misnomers

Fife vs. Band Flute

Meyer-Albert: Systematic Misnomers

A Puzzling Trade Catalog: Albert System--A Nominal Question

Dayton Clarence Miller Biography

Books, Tutors and Patents

Full Circle: Dayton C. Miller and Friends:
Selections from the Dayton C. Miller Photograph Collection

Selections from the Dayton C. Miller Iconography Collection

Understanding the Collection

Introducing the Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection

About the Collection

Catalog of the Wind Instruments in the Dayton C. Miller Collection:

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  • Key and Key Mounting Nomenclature

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