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What is Quality Health Care?

Quality health care can be defined as the extent to which patients get the care they need in a manner that most effectively protects or restores their health. This means having timely access to care, getting treatment that medical evidence has found to be effective and getting appropriate preventive care. Choosing a high-quality health plan—and a high-quality doctor—plays a significant role in determining whether you'll get high-quality care.

Report Cards

Free online resources to help you select a health plan or physician that provides the top-notch care you deserve.

  • NCQA’s Health Plan Report Card

    Click here to find an NCQA-Accredited health plan. This list is updated on the 15th of every month.

  • America’s Best Health Plans

    This collaboration with U.S. News & World Report is an online detailed ranking of over 600 MCOs in America. For plan information on 2008 America's Best Health Plans list, please click here.

  • Recognized Physician Directory

    Search for NCQA-Recognized physicians that have met the highest standards of quality care in the areas of heart/stroke care, diabetes care, back pain and systematic processes.

  • N.Y. Physician Evaluation Report

    Under an agreement with the New York Attorney General, NCQA assesses the physician evaluation programs of select New York health plans.

  • More Health Care Organizations

    Complete listing of NCQA-Accredited and Certified organizations such as disease management, credentialing and behavioral healthcare organizations.

  • Quality Dividend Calculator

    This free on-line tool uses HEDIS plan data and employer demographics to calculate increased productivity and revenues when selecting accredited plans.

Health Care for Employers

Learn how you can provide your employees with quality health care options.

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