Supplemental Database Files

The files below are provided to support use of the O*NET database and the development of other products utilizing the O*NET database. Each file is briefly annotated, with additional documentation included with each file download. O*NET Center files will be in a tab-delimited text file format, unless specified otherwise. Some files, such as crosswalks or alternative file formats of the O*NET Database, are available through the National Crosswalk Service Center and are so noted.

O*NET Center

Detailed Work Activities

DWAs provide information on the common work activities required across occupations by coding the work activities to O*NET-SOC occupations. They're used in the America's Career InfoNet, O*NET OnLine, and O*NET Code Connector web applications. In addition to the file documentation provided in the download below, read more about the development of these files in its Summary Report. The original files were developed by DOL-ETA under a Career OneStop grant and known as Labor Exchange Skills. For information about their original development, read the Labor Exchange Skills Project Report.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
Updated June 2006
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)
Updated February 2008

Detailed Work Activities (ZIP - 186 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 57 KB)

Detailed Work Activities (ZIP - 183 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 62 KB)

Emerging Tasks

During the O*NET survey, in an effort to maintain updated task lists, job incumbents are provided an opportunity to provide tasks that they feel are not represented in the current task list for their respective occupations. Based on a review and analysis of these proposed new tasks, revisions are made to existing tasks and emerging tasks are identified. For a detailed treatment of the analysis, read the Preliminary Analysis report.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
Updated December 2005
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)
Updated September 2008

Emerging Tasks (ZIP - 85 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 58 KB)
List of Occupations — Acrobat (PDF - 83 KB)
List of Occupations — Excel (XLS - 113 KB)

Emerging Tasks (ZIP - 109 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 78 KB)
List of Occupations — Acrobat (PDF - 26 KB)
List of Occupations — Excel (XLS - 121 KB)

Lay Titles

The Lay Titles file provides a list of alternate occupational titles that are linked to the SOC and O*NET-SOC classification systems. The file was developed to improve keyword searches in several Department of Labor internet applications (i.e., Career InfoNet, O*NET OnLine, and O*NET Code Connector). The original file, developed earlier under a separate Employment and Training Administration grant, largely consisted of occupational titles from existing occupational classification systems. In its most recent update, occupational titles were included from other diverse sources. Users of this file wishing to make suggestions for new lay title entries can do so using our O*NET Lay Titles Submission Procedures. The file will be regularly updated to improve its content.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
Updated February 2006
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)
Updated July 2008

Lay Titles (ZIP - 422 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 48 KB)

Lay Titles (ZIP - 460 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 68 KB)

O*NET-SOC 2000 to O*NET-SOC 2006

This file provides a mapping of codes and titles from the O*NET-SOC 2000 to O*NET-SOC 2006 taxonomies.

Added April 2006

O*NET-SOC 2000 to O*NET-SOC 2006 (ZIP - 75 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 60 KB)
Lookup Table — Excel (XLS - 232 KB)

Related Occupations

The Related Occupations file provides a list of occupations related based on similar characteristics. This prototype file was developed with the release of the initial O*NET database, O*NET '98, to illustrate possible uses of the database. The file has been retained and is used within the O*NET OnLine Web application.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
Added March 2002
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)
Updated June 2006

Related Occupations (ZIP - 75 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 68 KB)

Related Occupations (ZIP - 69 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 46 KB)

Tasks (Release 5.1 File Layout)

The 13.0 release of the O*NET Database introduced a new file layout for Tasks data. As a convenience to developers who have imported Tasks data from earlier releases, this package provides the 13.0 Tasks data in the layout used by the O*NET Database releases 5.1 through 12.0. Using this file, developers can incorporate the latest Tasks data without first modifying their import processes.

The data included in this file are identical to those found in the 13.0 release of the core O*NET Database. If you are using a different release of the O*NET Database, or have already loaded Tasks data from that database, this file is not needed.

Added June 2008

Tasks (Release 5.1 File Layout) (ZIP - 2.0 MB)
Read Me file (PDF - 91 KB)

Tools and Technology

The tools and technology (T2) file provides information on machines, equipment, tools, and software that workers may use for optimal functioning in a high performance workplace. Emphasis is placed on cutting edge technologies and emerging workplace practices. Specific examples of tools and technology used within each occupation are organized into a standardized taxonomy (i.e., the United Nations Standard Products and Service Code - UNSPSC), allowing for cross-occupational comparisons and analysis. More information on this taxonomy is available from the UNSPSC web site external site. For more information on T2 development, read the Synopsis of Data Development Procedures report.

We welcome feedback on the T2 database. We accept suggestions for new tools and technologies via our T2 feedback process. Suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
Updated June 2006
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)
Updated October 2007

Tools and Technology (ZIP - 292 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 79 KB)
Fact Sheet (PDF - 87 KB)
List of Occupations — Acrobat (PDF - 79 KB)
List of Occupations — Excel (XLS - 104 KB)

Tools and Technology (ZIP - 436 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 79 KB)
Fact Sheet (PDF - 147 KB)
List of Occupations — Acrobat (PDF - 61 KB)
List of Occupations — Excel (XLS - 121 KB)

Work Needs

This file provides Work Needs ratings for O*NET-SOC occupations. There are 21 individual Work Needs, grouped in the O*NET Content Model under 6 Work Values. Work Values ratings are provided in the core O*NET Database. For more information on Work Needs and Work Values, read the Determining the Occupational Reinforcer Patterns for O*NET Occupational Units report.

Added June 2008

Work Needs (ZIP - 210 KB)
Read Me file (PDF - 85 KB)

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National Crosswalk Service Center (NCSC)

The NCSC is a technical resource for dealing with occupational and training program classification systems. The NCSC is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) external site through the Analyst Resource Center (ARC) external site. The center's mission is to maximize the effective and efficient use of occupational information by providing specialized occupational tools (files, reports, software) and technical assistance to users and producers of occupational information.

The National Crosswalk Service Center maintains both a Web site ( external site) and an FTP server. If you have questions about the NCSC or its products and services, you can contact them at

As examples, a few selected files are described below:

O*NET Database

Developers who might prefer Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro, or SAS/PC versions of the O*NET database can download the files below. The original text version are available from our Production Database and Development Database pages. For further information on these alternative versions, see the NCSC O*NET 12.0 external site and O*NET 13.0 external site pages.

O*NET 12.0
Production Database
O*NET 13.0
Development Database

Database — MS Access (ZIP - 20.5 MB)
Database — Visual FoxPro (ZIP - 17.0 MB)
Database — SAS/PC (ZIP - 11.7 MB)
Data Dictionary for Visual FoxPro version (PDF - 175 KB)

Database — MS Access (ZIP - 21.6 MB)
Database — SAS/PC (ZIP - 12.5 MB)
Database — Visual FoxPro (ZIP - 22.1 MB)
Data Dictionary for Visual FoxPro version (PDF - 187 KB)
Tasks (5.1 Layout) — MS Access (ZIP - 2.6 MB)
Tasks (5.1 Layout) — SAS/PC (ZIP - 2.4 MB)

Supplemental Files

The files below include MS Access and SAS/PC versions of O*NET supplemental files. Consult the table for details on which supplemental files are included in each download.

O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)

Detailed Work Activities,
Emerging Tasks,
Lay Titles,
Related Occupations,
Tools and Technology:
Supplemental Files — MS Access (ZIP - 3.6 MB)
Supplemental Files — SAS/PC (ZIP - 2.1 MB)
Supplemental Files Documentation (PDF - 16 KB)

Detailed Work Activities:
DWAs — MS Access (ZIP - 568 KB)
DWAs — SAS/PC (ZIP - 193 KB)

Emerging Tasks:
Emerging Tasks — MS Access (ZIP - 141 KB)
Emerging Tasks — SAS/PC (ZIP - 42 KB)

Lay Titles:
Lay Titles — MS Access (ZIP - 1.1 MB)
Lay Titles — Visual FoxPro (ZIP - 1.7 MB)
Lay Titles — SAS/PC (ZIP - 651 KB)

Tools and Technology:
T2 — MS Access (ZIP - 828 KB)
T2 — SAS/PC (ZIP - 549 KB)

Related Occupations are included in the Crosswalks download.


The National Crosswalk Service Center provides several crosswalks to the O*NET-SOC taxonomy from other classification systems. The crosswalks linked below include:

  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
  • Military Occupational Classification (MOC)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS)
O*NET-SOC 2000
(O*NET 4.0 - 9.0)
O*NET-SOC 2006
(O*NET 10.0 and later)

DOT — Visual FoxPro (DBF - 2.4 MB)

MOC — MS Access (ZIP - 1.98 MB)
MOC Documentation (DOC - 28 KB)

RAIS — MS Access, Visual FoxPro, CSV (ZIP - 110 KB)
RAIS Documentation (DOC - 29 KB)

CIP, DOT, MOC, RAPIDS, Related Occupations:
All crosswalks — MS Access (ZIP - 1.1 MB)
All crosswalks — SAS/PC (ZIP - 564 KB)
Documentation for MS Access version (PDF - 16 KB)
Documentation for SAS/PC version (PDF - 15 KB)

Visual FoxPro versions are included in the O*NET 12.0 Database download.

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