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Photo of the Goddard Visitor Center
The Goddard Visitor Center

Visit us to see exciting model rocket launches, hear informative lectures and watch the awe-inspiring "Science on a Sphere" exhibit.

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Contact Information

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Get in Touch with NASA Goddard

This page contains contact information, maps and driving directions to the Goddard Space Flight Center and its affiliated facilities.

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Robert H. Goddard

Photo of Dr. Robert H. Goddard
Who Was Dr. Goddard?

Learn more about the American rocketry pioneer for whom the Goddard Space Flight Center is named.

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Featured Multimedia

Multimedia Resources

    Top NASA Goddard Online Multimedia Resources

    Goddard Television provides essential resources for educators, news media, museums and all others interested in exploring and understanding Earth and space. All of Goddard's visualizations, animations and other content are produced hand-in-hand with cutting-edge science and technology with the goal of communicating them to the widest possible audience. The majority of Goddard's resources are available online or for order in a variety of formats and resolutions.

    Hubble Resource Reels

    A series of resource reels featuring raw footage and animations from the last mission to Hubble.
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    Goddard Resource Reels

    The best NASA Goddard visualizations compiled in one location.
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    NASA Goddard High Definition Video Resources

    The High Definition Resource Tape Collection highlights the latest and best of Goddard's raw video products all available to order at only the cost of duplication.
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    NASA Goddard Video Library

    The Goddard Video Library includes hundreds of past video files and resource tapes. All tapes are available to order at only the cost of duplication.
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    NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio

    Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio offers more than 2,700 scientific data visualizations and conceptual animations of NASA research topics ranging from black holes to phytoplankton. All sequences are available for download in a variety of sizes and formats.
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    Visible Earth Collections

    A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet.
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    NASA Polar Express

    NASA's Polar Express is your one-stop shop for the latest NASA images, videos and related information on polar exploration.
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    Atlantic Hurricanes with Dr. Jeff Halverson

    Educators can now bring NASA hurricane expert Dr. Jeffrey Halverson into their classroom! This web page contains 35 separate, 1-4 minute long, video segments available for preview and download. These segments were derived from a live interactive professional development event.
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    More NASA Online Multimedia Resources

    > The Earth Observatory
    > The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
    > How to Make a Great Zoom

LaunchFest Photo Gallery

  • Launch Fest Photo Gallery

    LaunchFest Photo Gallery

    On September 13, 2008 NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center opened its gates to the public for a FREE open house.

LaunchFest Video

Video Podcasts

Goddard in HD

  • Collage of screen captures from Goddard HD video resource tapes

    Hi-Def Video

    View, download and order high-definition video and animations from the Goddard Space Flight Center.

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