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Shuttle and Station Features

    Space Shuttle Astronauts
    Learn about the astronauts of the next space shuttle mission by reading their biographies.
    + Next Shuttle Crew
    Space Station Astronauts and Cosmonauts
    Learn about the astronauts and cosmonauts of the current Expedition. Read their biographies and their interviews. Also, check out the crew members from past Expeditions.
    + Current Station Crew


  • Astronaut Selection Office

    Astronaut Video and Audio

    Astronauts are hard at work whether in space or here on Earth. View astronaut video, audio and PSAs here to learn more about what they are up to.

  • Astronaut John Grunsfeld

    Astronaut Journals

    Space missions and spaceflight training often inspire astronauts to write about their experiences. Here is a collection of letters, reports and other writings by astronauts.

  • Astronauts

    Astronaut Biographies  →

    The Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center maintains official biographies for all active duty flight personnel and maintains an archive of bios for former astronauts.

  • Astronaut Selection Office

    Astronaut Selection and Training  →

    NASA accepts applications for the Astronaut Candidate Program on a continuous basis. Candidates are selected as needed, normally every two years, for pilot and mission specialist categories. Both civilian and military personnel are considered for the program.

  • Astronauts waving

    Flight Crew Operations Directorate

    The Flight Crew Operations Directorate (FCOD) is responsible for overall planning, direction and management of flight crew operations and Johnson Space Center aircraft program activities.

  • Astronaut Fact Book

    Astronaut Fact Book  →

    Last updated January 2005, the Astronaut Fact Book contains data about more than 200 space explorers. Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here.


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    NEEMO, or NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, is a project that takes place at an underwater laboratory off the coast of Florida. Engineers and astronauts test concepts for future space exploration here.

  • Astronaut Candidates

    Astronaut Candidates  →

    The astronaut candidates of 2004 are pictured here during training and other activities. Selections include both American and Japanese astronauts.