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About the Site
How the Site is Organized

NASA's public Web Portal is organized so that users can take multiple paths to information. The same content may appear in multiple sections, because people navigate through the site in different ways. The three main navigational paths through the content are:
  • broad topic areas
  • audience groups
  • subject areas
If you are interested in finding information on a particular topic, the site's organization helps visitors locate material in two ways -- based on the audience group to which they belong (e.g. a member of the press or an educator) or based on topic area. The following sections will assist you with the information architecture at

Information by Topic: organizes the majority of its content by broad topic areas. Each area contains the latest news, features, images, interactive features and videos. The primary categories are:

  • Earth
  • Shuttle and Station
  • Solar System
  • Universe
  • Moon and Mars
  • Aeronautics
  • NASA People
  • NASA History
  • NASA in Your Life
  • Technology

New visitors to the web site can find the latest NASA news and events on the home page. The top NASA news and features are linked from the grey accordion blinds at the top of the NASA home page, the most recent breaking news can be found under the "News" navigation by visiting the "News and Features" page.

Information by Audience: has special portions of the web site created for the following audience types: For Kids, For Students, For Educators, For Media, For Policymakers and For Employees. The categories contain the following types of information:

For Kids - Games, art & stories, and activities, and more
For Students - Homework help, learning opportunities, career info, contacts for students
For Educators - Learning resources, professional development, contacts for educators
For Policymakers - Small business info, legal info, procurement
For Employees - Information for existing NASA employees and contractors