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Obesity and Genetics

Obesity is a major health hazard that has reached epidemic proportions in populations whose environments offer an abundance of calorie-rich foods and few opportunities for physical activity.
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   Welcome to Public Health Genomics

The National Office of Public Health Genomics (NOPHG) promotes the integration of genomics into public health research, policy, and practice in order to improve the lives and health of all people. Public Health Genomics is an emerging field that assesses the impact of genes and their interaction with behavior, diet and the environment on population health.
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   Focus Areas
  Weekly Update
A weekly summary of genomics research, policy, practice and public health.
  Genomics & Your Health Genomics & Your Health
General information on diseases and conditions & links with genetics & family health history.
  Family Health History Family Health History
Using family history for disease prevention and health promotion.
  Genomics in Practice Genomics in Practice
Using genomics tools, such as genetic
testing & family history, in health practice.
  Population Research Population Research
Building genomics knowledge for better
targeted health interventions.
  Resources & Links Resources & Links
FAQs, fact sheets, and tools related to diseases and conditions, genetics, and family history.
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CDC Celebrates 10 Years of Public Health Genomics - January 23, 2008
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Obesity & Genetics
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