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As your child starts to think about what career may be right for them, here are a few pointers that will help them get started in the right direction:

  • The earlier they start thinking about what kind of career they would enjoy, the better off they'll be.
  • Get that high school diploma or at least a GED.
  • Encourage as many courses in math and science as possible.
  • Help them learn to speak and write effectively.

Career Voyages has lots of information to help you learn about:

  • different types of careers and,
  • the knowledge and skills needed to enter these careers and,
  • information about education and training opportunities needed to prepare for a chosen career.

A good resource to help you and your student get started, if they are still in high school is our Career Clusters section.

Career Voyages exists to help Americans find out which occupations are in-demand. To learn more about how these industries and occupations were selected, click here. This web site identifies those high demand occupations-many of which also do not require years and years of schooling. So if your student isn't a bookworm, don't worry. There are, In fact, lots of alternatives to a 4-year degree, including 2-year degrees, apprenticeships, vocational certificates, and work experience.

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¿Qué Debo Hacer Primero?

  • Dive right into one of the industries. Start learning about the kinds of jobs that are in demand:
Learn about the Career Voyages Industries

Advanced Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive Construction Education Energy Financial Services Health Care Homeland Security Hospitality Information Technology Retail Transportation Biotechnology Geospatial Technology Nanotechnology
Career Compass  Not sure how your child's interests
might translate into a career?
Try the Career Compass

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I Would Like Some Personal Assistance. Where Can I Go?

It is important to know where to turn for help. Your local One-Stop Career Center has counselors ready to give you valuable guidance for making the right career decisions.

View One-Stop Career Centers in Your Area
1-877-US-2JOBS (1-877-872-5627)
TTY 1-877-889-5627
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