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The events of the Physical Fitness Test are administered according to strict protocols. Participants will not receive credit for repetitions performed which do not meet the established protocols. The protocols for the Physical Fitness Test are described here.

Protocol for Sit-Ups
Trainee lies on back with tops of shoulder blades touching the floor; hands behind the head with fingers interlaced. The knees are bent at a 90 degree angle with the feet placed flat on the floor (feet are held in place by a partner with partner's hands at the tongue of the trainee's shoes and knees on the trainee's toes). Trainee raises upper body until the base of the neck is in line with the base of the spine (back is perpendicular to the floor); trainee then returns to the starting position (i.e., the tops of both shoulder blades must touch the floor). This is a timed one-minute continuous motion exercise.

Protocol for 300-Meter Sprint
The event takes place on a 1/4 mile oval track. Trainee will start from a standing position and run 300 meters (3/4 of one lap).

Protocol for Push-Ups
Trainee begins in front leaning rest position (i.e. hands on the floor one to two hand widths beyond the shoulders and elbows must be away from the body, arms fully extended, body held straight with the feet no more than three inches apart and the toes touching the floor). As the arms are flexed, the body is lowered toward the floor until the upper arms are parallel to the floor (straight line from center axis of elbow to center axis of shoulder). Trainee completes the exercise after returning to the starting position. This is a continuous motion exercise.

Scoring Scale for 1.5 Mile Run
The event takes place on a 1/4 mile oval track. Trainee runs six laps around the track.

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