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Help: Notice to Customers Presenting Checks

Conversion of Checks

When you submit a check to the Superintendent of Documents via mail or at the main GPO Bookstore in Washington, DC, your check will be converted into an electronic fund transfer. In the Main Bookstore, when you hand your completed, signed check to the cashier, your check will be copied. The account information from your check will be used to make an electronic fund transfer from your account in the amount of the check. The cashier will then void the check and return it to you. The same process will take place for checks sent via mail to the main GPO facility in Washington, DC. However, checks received through the mail will be voided and destroyed, and will therefore not be returned to the customer.

Please note also that the electronic conversion process will not be implemented for checks presented to or at any other GPO facility, including all GPO Bookstores and locations.

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Insufficient Funds

The electronic fund transfer from your account can occur faster than a check is normally processed. Do not present a check to the cashier unless there are sufficient funds available in your checking account. If the electronic fund transfer cannot be completed because of insufficient funds, GPO may try to make the transfer up to two more times.

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By presenting your check to the cashier, you authorize the conversion of your check into an electronic fund transfer. If the electronic fund transfer cannot be processed for technical reasons, you authorize GPO to process the copy of your original check.

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More Information

For more information about this process, including information about your rights under Federal law, call 202-512-1800 (Toll-Free 1-866-512-1800) or visit

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Last updated: August 30, 2006